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Orgone Pyramid WILL TO LIFE

Orgone Pyramid WILL TO LIFE

With sunstone Tamil Nadu !!!, scapolite, orange kyanite, red jasper, petrified wood, orange calciteit

The message of this pyramid is: It is worth living here and now! True to the motto of Martin Luther: If I knew that tomorrow the world would end, I would plant an apple tree today. At the top there is a flower of life in the shape of a ball over 5 sunstones from Tamil Nadu, where the world's most beautiful and most intensely shining sunstones probably come from. Unfortunately, their beautiful glowing effect can hardly be reproduced in the picture. Sunstones remind us that we ourselves have creative power and can change everything for the better if we really want to. For the Canadian Indians it symbolizes "Father Sun", who makes life on earth possible with its warming energy. Sonnenstein brings optimism, strengthens self-confidence and helps us to overcome negative beliefs and attitudes towards life. I like to combine sunstones with scapolite. Yellow scapolite connects us to light like no other stone. He gives us guidance and trust, gives us hope and confidence even in dark times. Due to its enormous power, it can literally illuminate us and protects like no other stone from negative external influences of any kind! Scapolite is a special stone of hope. The stone of the rising sun. Full of confidence and joy. There are light worlds in the universe and whoever connects spiritually with Scapolite will find the way there. Everything becomes easy, every cell shines and connects with the light from the highest source! Under the sunstones and scapolites there is a sun made up of fragments of the rather unknown orange kyanite. Orange kyanite helps us to face our fears and disappointments. It is a crystal of emotional support especially when you are overwhelmed by feelings of sadness and / or despair. Orange kyanite carries a positive, uplifting and optimistic energy that lifts you up. It shows you your own strength, it makes you believe in yourself, it increases your self-esteem and your self-confidence. He will help you to see the positive side in EVERY situation. It reminds us to be grateful because in every experience, including those that we perceive to be bad, there is something to be thankful for. If you are constantly haunted by negative thoughts, orange kyanite might be just what you need to see that there is indeed a bright light at the end of each tunnel. The orange kyanite will also make you feel positive when you are in the midst of such negative people. As a base for this pyramid, I used a mixture of red jasper, petrified wood and orange calcite. Red jasper increases self-confidence, promotes assertiveness and strengthens willpower. It also gives inner satisfaction and balance. Jasper also encourages the courage to stand up for oneself and face conflicts. Orange calcite also activates our willingness to move forward again in life. It is also a strong protective stone. The Indians of Mexico called it the burning stone, which glows even in the night and drives away evil spirits.ibt.


Flower of life sphere, sunstone Tamil Nadu !!!, scapolite, orange kyanite, red jasper, petrified wood, orange calcite, rock crystal, black tourmaline, shungite, selenite, pigment, copper, metal shavings, metatronon

Size: 15cmx15cm / Handmade by Fabienne

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