Orgone Pentagonal Pyramid 5G RESISTANCE FORCE

Orgone Pentagonal Pyramid 5G RESISTANCE FORCE
Orgone Pentagonal Pyramid 5G RESISTANCE FORCE
Orgone Pentagonal Pyramid 5G RESISTANCE FORCE
Orgone Pentagonal Pyramid 5G RESISTANCE FORCE
Orgone Pentagonal Pyramid 5G RESISTANCE FORCE
Orgone Pentagonal Pyramid 5G RESISTANCE FORCE

Orgone Pentagonal Pyramid 5G RESISTANCE FORCE

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I created this pyramid specifically with regard to 5G. It strengthens the resistance to radiation but also other negative energies and contains the strongest protective stones of all. Precious jungle & shungite to stabilize our bioenergetic field and to ward off EMFs & ELFs combined with pyrite which deflects unwanted energies and protects against energy loss by people / entities. As such, the pyrite is a powerful and often underestimated protective stone, which reveals negative aspects, even if we tend to ignore them because they seem too hurtful or too strenuous. By anchoring light in pyrite, it protects against darkness and oppression. Black tourmaline is included to protect against mind control and negative thoughts of others and the selenite ensures the connection to the top and a stable energy field.d.

I have chosen citrine and carnelian to drive and increase the energy of this pyramid and its surroundings. The citrine is one of the few stones that does not accumulate and store negative energy, but dissolves and transforms it. This both on the subtle and on the physical level. The powerful energy of citrine stimulates our intuitive selves and promotes concentration and stamina, as well as the connection with higher intelligences. In addition, citrine can drive away our primal fears, creates a cozy optimism and leads to an inner radiance and a happy personality. Particularly noteworthy is its ability to cleanse the aura so that cloudy spots disappear. It stabilizes the emotions and drives away anger by shining into the "darkest corner" of our reality and making us "laugh out loud". The carnelian as a protective stone protects against envy, fear and anger and lets worries disappear from our emotions. He lets us become conscious of the self and in this consciousness the self shines more strongly than any other radiation! In the home it brings stability and has the following message ready for us: Since we are love, we can only give love - and through this we will get more love back. Carnelian gives us the necessary steadfastness and the courage to overcome ourselves and face the difficulties of this time. RESIST!

Contains: smoky quartz, precious jungle, pyrite, shungite, citrine, carnelian, black tourmaline, selenite, mica flakes, bronze, brass, iron oxide, iron mica.

Size: diameter approx 15.5cm, height 13.5cm / handmade by Fabienne

Please note theGeneral product information


For legal reasons, I expressly point out that the effects of healing stones and orgonites have so far neither been scientifically proven nor medically recognized! The orgonites in this shop are not sold as medical products but as handicrafts.

Product images

With some products there may be minor deviations from the picture (example image), since the objects are almost identical, not every object is photographed individually. As a rule, however, due to individual deviations, you will receive exactly the product shown.


Please note that all orgonites are handmade by Fabienne myself in my Swiss studio. Despite the greatest care in manufacturing, handcraft cannot always be 100% perfect. During production, there may be minor bumps on the surface, but these do not affect functionality in any way! With some pyramid shapes, both the edges and the tip are rounded in shape. Sometimes there are also small scratches or veils on the surface, but these can only be seen on closer inspection. This, too, cannot always be completely avoided despite grinding and polishing. Orgonites with major defects are offered and declared cheaper by me. Should you notice any defects after receiving the product that you will not be happy with, please contact me by email including photos. We will find a solution! After all, I want my orgonites to bring joy first and foremost! That's important to me.


Orgonite does not need to be energetically cleansed or charged. You can wash it under running water at any time and remove dust and dirt.


Orgonite can be kept indefinitely. However, it should not be exposed to extreme heat (e.g. stove, oven ...) the resin could melt. I use high-quality epoxy resin which is also suitable for outdoor use and, according to the manufacturer, is equipped with the best possible UV protection. No epoxy resin is completely UV-resistant. However, high-quality raw materials and additives such as UV absorbers can increase UV protection.


I send pyramids from 7cm, except tactical orgonite, in my beautiful matching light keeper box. Please note that this is not yet available for all sizes and shapes. Otherwise, the pyramid is easily packed in bubble wrap or, if available, in reusable packaging material. Smaller pyramids, jewelry and shapes come in a bag.

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