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Orgone Hexagonal Pyramid SELF DETERMINATION & LOVE

Orgone Hexagonal Pyramid SELF DETERMINATION & LOVE

With amethyst ball, morganite, sugilite, gold topaz and amethyst

Amethyst is able to transform low energies into higher vibrations and stands for the principle of total transformation. In the case of grief, loss of pain, grief, mood swings or addictive behavior, it has a supportive effect on the mind through its cleansing abilities by being able to clear and dissolve superfluous thoughts, feelings and patterns, which subsequently leads to a deep inner peace. It promotes "neutrality" in relation to your own perceptions, which makes you more emotionally balanced and allows you to rest in your center.

Morganite causes love to enter our lives and enables us to preserve and intensify this love. He makes us rethink the partnership aspects of relationships and ensures creativity in all areas where self-control is at stake. He encourages us to strive for loving action. Morganite enriches life by helping to develop additional, missing properties and helping to understand the aspects of love. He lets us speak and hear at the heart level. It leads to a conscious harmonization between personality and subtle soul by harmonizing the inner wisdom of the soul with the serenity of the mind.

The sugilite helps to consistently live one's own inner truth. He ensures that outside influences do not prevent us from maintaining our own position. Sugilite can help to break out of addiction so that new paths and goals in life can be found again. He ensures that we do not avoid unpleasant things and conflicts but that we face them and overcome them by finding a solution that satisfies everyone involved.

Both the amethyst, the sugilite and the morganite, can remove grief and depression, alleviate fears, restlessness and apprehension and resolve emotional tensions that have arisen through relationship conflicts with other people. In doing so, they promote the independence of those involved without neglecting the community aspects. In truth, on a higher spiritual level, we are never SEPARATED from those we love!

The flower of life in this pyramid is surrounded by 6 gold topazes. Topazes are also known as the stone of true love. The gold topaz helps to understand the actions of others that are going on in the "big picture", as well as understanding relationships within the minutest details that make up the "big picture". Gold topazes help you to get involved in new forms of relationship to yourself, to others or to changed life situations. It helps to free yourself from old patterns, promotes the desire for freedom and self-determination and protects against relapses. Gold topaz brings you closer to yourself and helps you to live according to your highest ideals. In doing so, he inspires something bigger by being able to dissolve old rigid patterns of thought and behavior.

Contains: amethyst ball, morganite, sugilite, gold topaz, flower of life, selenite, black tourmaline, shungite, metal filings, pigments.

Size: diameter 18cm, height approx 12cm / handcrafted by Fabienne

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