Orgone Hexagonal Pyramid SPIRIT ON MATTER

Orgone Hexagonal Pyramid SPIRIT ON MATTER
Orgone Hexagonal Pyramid SPIRIT ON MATTER
Orgone Hexagonal Pyramid SPIRIT ON MATTER
Orgone Hexagonal Pyramid SPIRIT ON MATTER
Orgone Hexagonal Pyramid SPIRIT ON MATTER

Orgone Hexagonal Pyramid SPIRIT ON MATTER

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With amethyst tip Sardinia !!, sugilite, watermelon tourmalinein

Amethyst tips from Sardinia, like the Vera Cruz amethysts, have a particularly fine vibration. Even though they are so small, they look very intense. Amethyst is a stone of spirituality & contentment. It is able to transform low energies into higher vibrations and stands for the principle of total transformation. And that is exactly what humanity needs today! Sugilite encourages people to overcome themselves and thus especially strengthens people who have become dependent or stand in their own way. It stands for the power of spirit, for spirit over matter. Sugilite is infinitely energetic and connects us with the power of the inexhaustible love of the "great spirit". Watermelon tourmaline is able to harmonize the earthly and the spiritual. It reminds us of our actual, spiritual origin and especially helps very sensitive people to find their way around the matter without losing the spiritual connection.n.

Contains: amethyst Sardinia, sugilite, watermelon tourmaline, black tourmaline, selenite, metal shavings, pigment, flower of lifens

Size: 5x5x3.5cm / Handmade by Fabienne

Please note theGeneral product information


For legal reasons, I expressly point out that the effects of healing stones and orgonites have so far neither been scientifically proven nor medically recognized! The orgonites in this shop are not sold as medical products but as handicrafts.

Product images

With some products there may be minor deviations from the picture (example image), since the objects are almost identical, not every object is photographed individually. As a rule, however, due to individual deviations, you will receive exactly the product shown.


Please note that all orgonites are handmade by Fabienne myself in my Swiss studio. Despite the greatest care in manufacturing, handcraft cannot always be 100% perfect. During production, there may be minor bumps on the surface, but these do not affect functionality in any way! With some pyramid shapes, both the edges and the tip are rounded in shape. Sometimes there are also small scratches or veils on the surface, but these can only be seen on closer inspection. This, too, cannot always be completely avoided despite grinding and polishing. Orgonites with major defects are offered and declared cheaper by me. Should you notice any defects after receiving the product that you will not be happy with, please contact me by email including photos. We will find a solution! After all, I want my orgonites to bring joy first and foremost! That's important to me.


Orgonite does not need to be energetically cleansed or charged. You can wash it under running water at any time and remove dust and dirt.


Orgonite can be kept indefinitely. However, it should not be exposed to extreme heat (e.g. stove, oven ...) the resin could melt. I use high-quality epoxy resin which is also suitable for outdoor use and, according to the manufacturer, is equipped with the best possible UV protection. No epoxy resin is completely UV-resistant. However, high-quality raw materials and additives such as UV absorbers can increase UV protection.


I send pyramids from 7cm, except tactical orgonite, in my beautiful matching light keeper box. Please note that this is not yet available for all sizes and shapes. Otherwise, the pyramid is easily packed in bubble wrap or, if available, in reusable packaging material. Smaller pyramids, jewelry and shapes come in a bag.

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