Orgone Shield JOY OF LIFE

Orgone Shield JOY OF LIFE
Orgone Shield JOY OF LIFE
Orgone Shield JOY OF LIFE

Orgone Shield JOY OF LIFE

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With scapolite & sunstone

Thanks to scapolite and sunstone, this orgone shield brings zest for life back into your life. Scapolite is a very light stone which makes you feel that the good never leaves you. The sunstones symbolize the spark of joie de vivre that awakens in your heart. Together these two stones form a powerful orgone shield, which is able to transform negative feelings of hopelessness in order to bring light, new hope and confidence into your life! Experience shows that this orgone shield placed under the bed also protects against dark shadows at night, which are often perceived by adolescents with depression. The sunstones and scapolites are of exceptional quality and come directly from Tanzania, where they are processed under fair conditions as part of a social project.

Contains: sunstones, scapolite and flower of life, metal shavings, rock crystal, black tourmaline, selenite, iron oxide, shungite powder, mica flakes,

Diameter: 7cm / Height: 3cm / Handmade by Fabienne

Please note theGeneral product information


For legal reasons, I expressly point out that the effects of healing stones and orgonites have so far neither been scientifically proven nor medically recognized! The orgonites and healing stone creations in this shop are not sold as medical products but as handicrafts.

Product images

As a rule, due to individual deviations, you will receive exactly the orgonite or jewelry or stone shown. For some products that look almost identical, however, there may be minor deviations from the picture (then noted as an example image).



Please note that all orgonites by Fabienne are handcrafted in a Swiss studio. Despite the greatest care in manufacturing, handcraft cannot always be 100% perfect. There may be minor unevenness on the surface during manufacture, but these do not interfere with functionality in any way! With some pyramid shapes, both the edges and the tip are rounded in shape. Sometimes there are also minor scratches or veils on the surface, but these can only be seen on closer inspection. This, too, cannot always be completely avoided despite grinding and polishing. Orgonites with "grosser" defects are offered and declared cheaper. Should you notice any defects after receiving the property that you are not happy with, please contact us by email. We will find a solution! After all, the orgonites should primarily bring joy!

Healing stones, minerals, crystals

Our healing stones, minerals & crystals are natural products. We are very carefulthe origin of the stones offered. Defects in stones that are not natural will be declared by us. The same applies to stones that have been colored or changed. In the treasure trove you will always find stones with minor defects or salvage damage, which we offer at fair prices. All stones are lovingly washed by us and also energetically cleaned.


Orgonite does not need to be energetically cleansed or charged. You can wash it under running water at any time and remove dust and dirt.
Crystals and healing stones are cleaned and charged differently. Please note our information on thisCleansing & Charging Stones

Shelf life of orgonite

Orgonite can be kept indefinitely. However, it should not be exposed to extreme heat (e.g. stove, oven ...) the resin could melt. I use high-quality epoxy resin which is also suitable for outdoor use and, according to the manufacturer, is equipped with the best possible UV protection. No epoxy resin is completely UV-resistant. However, high-quality raw materials and additives such as UV absorbers can increase UV protection.


Orgonite pyramids from approx. 7cm, except tactical orgonite, are sent in a beautiful matching light guard box. Please note that this is not available for the large Nubian pyramids. High-quality healing stone chains are sent in a collier box. Smaller pyramids, jewelry, healing stones, orgone shapes etc. are delivered in a colored gift bag. Larger orgonites and minerals that cannot be packed in a box or bag are easily wrapped in bubble wrap. Whenever possible, we also use used, clean packaging material and cardboard boxes.

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