Revocation instruction

The customer is entitled to return the goods in an unused, undamaged condition as purchased within 14 days of receipt.n.
The customer bears the burden of proof for the dispatch of the goods to be returned. If the customer cannot return the received goods in whole or in part or only in a deteriorated condition, the customer must compensate Lichthüter, Fabienne Lüchinger for the corresponding decrease in value in the event of his cancellation. If the customer has already paid the purchase price, Lichthüter is entitled to deduct the reduction in value from the repayment amount. In individual cases, the impairment may correspond to the purchase price paid. The customer bears the shipping costs and any payment charges, unless the goods delivered do not correspond to those ordered. In return, in the event of an effective cancellation, Lichthüter pays back a purchase price that has already been paid to the customer. Lichthüter makes use of his right of retention until the goods have been returned in full.
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