What is orgonite and why we should use it

Orgonite is an artificial, i.e. man-made material. It always consists of at least 3 materials. So these are metals, quartz and a catalyzing resin. In many cases, including mine, additional crystals and healing stones are added and different metals are used. Anyone who adds different crystals and healing stones should know what they are doing, as this can change the energy of the orgonite significantly. It is the same with my Healing Orgonites, which have specific properties.

Orgone objects are now available in all possible sizes and shapes. From amulets, pyramids, key rings, balls and much more, there are hardly any limits to creativity.

 Orgonite is very simple in its origin and yet very effective, as long as the metal-resin-quartz mixture is present, it is functional. These cheap but very powerful orgone objects tactical orgonite are mainly used when it is given away over a large area in nature. But it can also be used as a cheap tool for organic gardens, radiation protection and other areas where beauty or other desired specific effects are not important.mmt.

The resin used for production is in most cases made synthetically, i.e. a plastic. This fact discourages many people from using orgonite for themselves and is also used by the other side to denounce orgonite.n.

Why I still make and use orgonite?