What is orgone energy

At the time of the scientific discovery of this cosmic energy by Wilhelm Reich, its existence was already known in ancient cultures under other names such as Chi, Prana, Mana, Od or Nyfry.

All living and inanimate matter is charged with orgone energy and emits it. It is the medium for emotions and perceptions. Wilhelm Reich used orgone energy with great success for cancer treatment, air purification and drought control. Reich's research on the use of orgone energy was suppressed because of the great ability of this energy to improve human life and is still systematically denounced today. Reich himself was imprisoned during his lifetime and died under mysterious circumstances in an American prison.

These are the basic properties of orgone energy according to Wilhelm Reich:

  • Organic materials attract and hold orgone energy.

  • Non-organic metal materials attract them and then quickly repel them.

  • Orgone energy fills the whole room and is everywhere.

  • It is mass-free and is the original, cosmic energy.

  • It penetrates matter, but at different speeds.

  • It pulsates and is observable and measurable.

  • She has a strong affinity and attraction to / from the water.

  • It is absorbed naturally, e.g. through ingestion, breathing and through the skin.

Wilhelm Reich's discoveries were further developed by various people. The term orgonite was coined. Orgone objects are still built today based on his discoveries.

What orgone energy can do for you and your environment ...

Positive effects on plants, the environment, animals and people

The effects of orgone energy objects orgonite are perceived differently from person to person. Some feel the energy in the form of a tingling sensation or a warm sensation. Others experience cumulative effects on general well-being. The most commonly perceived improvements are:d:

  • Better sleep, more and more vivid dreams
  • The feeling of having more energy
  • More balanced mood, fewer mood swingsn)
  • Decreased sensitivity to EMFs etc.
  • Spiritual and psychological growth and development

If you adjust yourself to the frequencies of orgonite, you may notice changes in your attitude, your behavior and the circumstances that you are known to attract with it. You may be confronted with old negative thought and behavior patterns that finally want to be cleared and resolved. To speed up this process, I recommend that you edit it and not ignore it. Regular meditation, spiritual exercises or counseling / therapy etc. can help you with this.


Most people use orgonite to harmonize and strengthen their body's own bioenergetic field aura and to protect against EMFs. But you can also use it as follows:n:

  • As a meditation aid for a deeper experience
  • To improve plant growth
  • To free a place from negative energies
  • To get more energy for visualizations and manifestations

Many people appreciate the healing energetic properties of crystals and precious stones. Orgonite, too, has a form of consciousness and reacts to thoughts and intentions. That's why I pay attention to the type of crystals and stones I use and especially to my thoughts and intentions!

Here a little more detail ...


Orgonite increases the energy level and strengthens your body's own bioenergetic field auraa)


Orgone, Prana, Chi, life force, or whatever you want to call it, rules and permeates the entire human body. This energy affects the body, mind and spirit. When the energy is balanced it brings peace, joy, vitality and a more positive attitude. If our life energy is unbalanced, this can lead to our emotions becoming restless, we feel powerless, have no energy, are nervous, stressed and irritated and can ultimately even become ill if this condition persists for a longer period of time. Orgonite has a stabilizing and energizing effect on the human bioenergy field aura. If our body's own force field is strong, we are also better protected from external influences.tzt.



Orgonite combats and mitigates the negative effects of electrosmog and chemtrails


Orgonite is a generator of orgone energy that restructures the chaotic waveforms of EMFs, ELFs & RFs. It calms these waves and makes them more balanced. This allows them to go through our body more gently and with fewer disturbances to the body's own natural energy field. This means that these chaotic waves are harmonized, but are still there, which is why cell phones and WiFi still work and why EMF meters can sometimes show a significant change in the presence of orgonite. Orgonite also drives toxins from the earth. It is often observed and documented how chemtrails break through this healthy energy field.



Nature loves orgonite


Orgonite can greatly improve the growth and yield of vegetables and fruits. In general, it improves growth, strengthens and protects the plants better against diseases and pests.

Animals just love being around orgonite. Just like humans, birds, fish, bees and other living things depend on the positive life energy. Many people have noticed that birds and other animals seem to be more present in nature when orgonite is present. Nature also suffers from electrosmog and environmental toxins.