For the earth we sing, stones, plants, humans and animals

Out of my love for stones, nature and people, I started making orgonite a few years ago, giving it away and experimenting with it.

When I first heard of orgonite a few years ago, I couldn't have imagined that it would change my life in this way. What began with skepticism and experimental curiosity has become a conviction and meanwhile a calling. I can no longer imagine a life without orgonite and its production.


Even as a child my heart beat faster when I saw crystals or gemstones anywhere. So I began to appreciate and collect these marvels of nature. In the meantime, I sometimes feel the energy of stones just as intensely as the sun's rays on my skin. Everyone can experience the effect of crystals & orgonites on their well-being but also in their environment. You don't have to believe it, just feel it and let it happen!

Since my earliest childhood, I had clear visions of where my personal journey should lead. I would like to do something with stones, plants and animals and help people to get in touch with the great spirit, or whatever you want to call it. There is no teaching and no predetermined path for this. So I became a free learner and first a naturopath, then an animal homeopath, farmer, specialist in animal-assisted social work and therapy, studied development sciences ... and the journey continues:r:)

Unfortunately, we live in a time in which environmental toxins, heavy metals, radiation exposure and much more are increasingly causing illness and disharmony. They cause stress, weaken our immune system, change our perception and poison our body and our thoughts. It is becoming more and more important to take good care of yourself and your surroundings. I am not one of those people who bury their heads in the sand and just want to accept it. Rather, I am sure that there are and will be various possibilities to effectively protect us and our children against all these burdens or even to stop it .... Perhaps we also have to have one or the other beloved conviction, the Throw the way we think, feel and act overboard and turn back to the things that unfortunately only a few people can see and perceive. But they are just as real! I am sure that if you have landed on this page and are reading this, you are one of those people who, like me, have not yet given up hope.n.

Remember: The best protection against anything negative is a positive attitude, emotional control, loving thoughts, actions, and beliefs. There is always hope!!! A connection back to the great spirit is becoming more and more important and it is not necessary to give up, even if it is sometimes very depressing what is happening on earth. We have to nourish and guard the light within us so that we radiate more positive energy than anything negative that surrounds us. In this way we can maintain the connection to the bright side and do not sink into depression, fears, compulsions and structures that destroy us instead of supporting us. And with it we create beautiful, loving and salutary things! Stones, plants and animals can be good helpers to strengthen this connection again.n.

Having had one for many years with my husband Loretto for this purposesocio-therapeutic yard we always notice that more is needed. Electrosmog in particular and systematic air pollution is a major problem that has been given far too little attention! It affects us all and it's getting more and more intense. Many do not even know about it ... Geoengineering Electrosmog This earth needs a lot more education, honesty, information and energies full of light! At some point, while looking for solutions, I came across the topic of orgonite. At first I was very skeptical. Mainly because of the resin, which is not exactly natural and then the beautiful stones for it take away the pollution that prevails on this earth is a much bigger problem and special circumstances seem to require special measures. I was also won over by the documented work of Sharon Daphna and her husband Gabriel, as well as those of others like Carol & Don Croft who virtually invented orgonite. So I thought to myself: Only those who have their own experience and are really informed can judge whether there is something to orgonite or not. And these experiences were so impressive and enriching that for me they became a ray of light in the midst of a sky that is far too often dark. The production of orgone energy objects has become a matter close to my heart, besides working with children and adolescents with animals and in nature.den.

This world needs special measures, just as orgonite is one of them. And the more people use it the better! We are in a kind of energetic war. Environmental toxins, heavy metals, radiation exposure and much more are increasingly causing illness and disharmony. They cause stress, weaken our immune system, change our perception and poison our body and our thoughts.

Orgonite can help to protect us from external control, manipulation and mind control and to transform negative energies. It strengthens the self-healing powers and ensures that our own life force can develop freely again.

Orgonite can do much more than that. It initiates healing processes and helps us to rediscover and strengthen the connection to the "great spirit".

We wish you protection, healing, light, good energy and love

Fabienne - and the people who support me in my mission and prefer to work from the background.

PS: With the purchase of light keepers you also support our farm on which we have been accompanying children and young people for many years without government support and have been bearing the entire financial risk ourselves for 20 years.