Tsesit - primal force

The San (natives of southern Africa) have an animistic religion, a religion without writing, which in its pure form was lived exclusively in hunter-gatherer cultures. The San assumed that everything in nature is animated, that is, all objects in nature are personified and have a soul. The concept of the"divine"was alien to them."Holy"alone is nature itself in all its forms. The San believed that in every stone, a life force develops its own will, following natural rules. The San fathomed these rules in order to be able to use the will of the natural elements for his own benefit or to avert harm. The Tsesit was collected by many generations, the knowledge about the stone was passed on and has been more and more forgotten in the last 150 years. Through a lot of research and discussions with the elders, we were able to bring some secrets of the Tsesit to light . It is a stone that remembers the creation of the earth. The message of the stardust also pulsates in it. As a result, this rock is able to promote deep-seated fears (also called primal fears, survival fears or evolutionary fears) to the surface of consciousness. It is a grounding rock. Grounding, but also suitable for meditation. The stone pulsates in waves, so not constantly, its power lies in its depth. It is also interesting that this stone knows both the earth and space. Awareness of the original state of the earth and its living beings - this is what distinguishes it from other stones. Tsesit connects with the earth, opens in fire, moves in water and invigorates in the wind. Earthly but not earthly.