Tanzanite - manifestation

When I (Fabienne) held a tanzanite in my hands for the first time, I noticed a strong increase in concentration and an effect on the sensory organs (especially the eyes). It felt like all energy was directed towards one point. Namely from the crown chakra to the third eye (third eye chakra). Total focus and concentration is possible with the stone, the possibility of manifesting visions and ideas on the material level ... Melody describes something similar in her books. The tanzanite facilitates communication with the spiritual world and helps to understand the things seen. It facilitates the encounter with other worldly creatures by its energy overriding one's own limiting ideas of space and time. Melody also emphasizes its function as a «magic stone» which brings the will to support the manifestation. Tanzanite gives you back the awareness of what you really want. It helps to find new, more meaningful tasks and to overcome the reluctance to face them. He coordinates and arranges various interests so that a direction arises. Tanzanite lets you find your actual calling and discover your individual path. On a physical level, it strengthens the sensory organs and alleviates eye diseases.