Sugilite - mind over matter

The sugilite occurs only in a few locations worldwide. The largest deposits are in South Africa. Sugilite occurs only in very great depths. It comes from the galactic primal heart of the earth. So is its structure. Everything is represented by violet, blue, brown and black tones. If you look at it, it is like looking into space and discovering new galaxies. It forms an energetic bridge from the earth to the universe. The sugilite helps to consistently live one's own inner truth. He ensures that outside influences do not prevent us from maintaining our own position. Sugilite can help to break out of addiction so that new paths and goals in life can be found again. Its energy strengthens the entire organism, especially the nerves and sensory perceptions and the mind. He ensures that we also look unwanted, inevitable and unpleasant things in the eye and invites us to grow beyond our self-imposed limits and beliefs. He encourages people to overcome themselves. It stands for the power of the spirit, for"spirit over matter". Sugilite is infinitely energetic and connects us with the power of the inexhaustible love of the"great spirit". On a physical level, it can even relieve severe pain and generally has a positive effect on severe, life-threatening diseases that are no longer treatable.