Stichtit - patience

Stichtite is a rose-red to purple-colored variety of green serpentine and often occurs together with it. Serpentine & Stichtit allow the expansion of the perception of emotional aspects of life and is a good stone that should be given a special place in your own home. He brings calm peace to the environment he is in and helps practice"thinking with love"before"speaking with mind". Of course, this also applies to the person who wears the stone. He ensures flexibility and openness of opinions and the keeping of promises. It gives support to those who are alone and stimulates inner awareness and positive behavioral changes in children (in my experience especially in children with hyperactivity). It also helps to be gentle with yourself and others. Both serpentine and stichtite convey balance and inner peace. Serpentine stichtite is an ideal stone for contemporaries with a quick temper and a lack of patience. It calms down, relaxes and helps to find the inner center again. Experience has shown that serpentine is also excellent for increasing the meditative state.