Sonnenstein - joie de vivre

Sunstone is an important traditional healing stone from the medicine wheel of the Canadian Indians. It symbolizes Father Sun, who with its warming energy makes life on earth possible. Let the sun shine for you! Say YES to life! Sonnenstein brings optimism, strengthens self-confidence and helps us to finally overcome negative beliefs and attitudes towards life. Its glittering, reflective inclusions remind me of the creativity within us. We have the ability to create our reality. What happens to us, what we encounter and what surrounds us is the reflection of what we are, think, believe, feel and desire. Sonnenstein brings back the joy of life and the belief in the good, the noble. It strengthens the imagination and also the thirst for action, so that we create positive, good and light-filled things and experience them as a result. It promotes positive self-perception, lets us"shine"and focuses us on our strengths. On a physical level, it stimulates the self-healing powers. It is also a good companion for psychosomatic complaints, negative emotional states due to depression, experiences of loss, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc.