Sodalite - independence

Sodalite promotes perception, concentration, persuasiveness and motivation as well as assertiveness. It increases self-confidence and helps to pursue goals better and to find inner balance. Feelings of guilt and bad habits can be shed. Sodalite is also known as a stone for artists and was worn by sculptors, painters, singers, etc. in ancient Greece. It promotes personal talents and supports the development of artistic skills. Its ability to influence blocked emotions and stuck behavior patterns is particularly helpful. Through it, behavioral patterns that inhibit development, inner convictions and thoughts can be better recognized and let go. Sodalite thus contributes to inner balance by increasing the power of thought and balancing the mind. Sodalite can be used for stress-related complaints, burnout, inner restlessness, nervousness, fear of conflicts and the suppression of fears and worries. It can have a supportive effect if you tend to downplay and suppress your worries, fears and problems. Sodalite makes you more capable of conflict and helps you to get through difficult or unpleasant situations more easily.