Shattuckit - strength of mind

Shattuckite is a very rare stone and is made up of malachite, azurite, bornite and chrysocolla. In the countries of origin, the stone is said to have the ability to protect against bad gossip or resentment. In fact, Shattukit strengthens the mind to a great extent and has a strong vibration-increasing effect. Thus he automatically shields us from lower energies. Shattuckit is above all a strong psychological communication stone and strengthens the connection to the spiritual world and its guides. Shattuckit facilitates the development of medial skills, provides access to spiritual knowledge and helps you to reflect the wisdom of the spirit through your mind and to understand it on a deeper level. He helps you heal relationships by taking responsibility for your past actions. In addition, Shattuckit strengthens the ability to speak lovingly with truth and integrity. It helps you verbalize what you have heard in the spirit and promotes the ability to tell the truth without hurting. With Shattuckit you learn to live your life from the heart and to speak from the heart. All these effects make Shattuckit a very popular stone when it comes to the development of intellectual abilities and intellectual work with people. On a physical level, Shattuckit has a strong regenerative effect and is a stone that can bring people back to life even after serious illnesses or accidents. Where there is a will, there is a way and if the spirit is strong, so is the"flesh".