Selenite - mental stability

Selenite connects with the spiritual world, with the force that moves everything, the great spirit in which it opens the crown chakra. Selenite ensures clarity of the mind and expands the perception of the self and the environment. It can be used to change perception (not just the 5 senses). So that unconscious assumptions (manipulations of the subconscious) are smashed and the connection to the higher self (the superconscious) is promoted and strengthened. Selenite has a stabilizing and calming effect on the mind, as well as on the spine and the entire vegetative nervous system. A good stone for all diseases that are associated with hypersensitivity, such as hyperactivity. Selenite can also absorb evil energies and transform them. Selenite can also absorb electromagnetic fields and EMF/ELF radiation. It also removes any negativity from life. Its energy strengthens that of other crystals and has a stabilizing effect on the entire energy field.