Black tourmaline - energetic protection

Black tourmaline is an important and well-known protective stone against negative energies / people and beings. It is also very effective in the field of radiation protection, especially against mind control.

Black tourmaline is a very powerful energetic protective stone! Holding it in your hands helps when exposed to strong EMFs or other negative energy fields (including those from people or dark entities). It makes sense to carry smaller pieces as a pendant or in your pocket as a pocket stone. I use black tourmaline in conjunction with shungite in every orgonite I make for good reason.

Black tourmaline also helps us to keep the "hearth of our thoughts" pure by promoting our neutrality and serenity in thinking towards others. At the same time, however, it also protects against the bad thoughts of others and bad thoughts about ourselves. Thanks to its effect, these dark thought-forms can no longer cling to us and are simply diverted upwards or downwards. The same applies to internal states of tension due to stress and strain such as cell phone radiation and dysharmonic electromagnetic fields (EMF). I have great respect for black tourmaline because it reminds us of the power of our thoughts and of the great responsibility it entails. The negative energy fields that arise through negative thoughts are not dissolved by black tourmaline, they are only diverted and can return to us or others if we are in resonance with them or go. The black tourmaline can also save us from nightmares and is said to strengthen the heart. The latter, so my perception, by preventing deviations between our natural frequency of the heart and the manipulative frequencies acting on us through artificial influences, such as low-frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF-EMF) and also high-frequency electromagnetic fields (RFR-EMF). Due to its tension-neutralizing effect, black tourmaline is also an important protective stone against the control of thoughts and consciousness through electrical stimulation of the brain. It makes sense to position a few black tourmalines next to the computer or other devices.