Ruby - loyalty

Ruby is known as the"stone of nobility"that gathers and amplifies energy while stimulating and supporting mental focus. It can improve success in controversies and interviews by encouraging kindness and weakening violence. Rubies have always been considered the lucky stones of the purest love. Ruby stimulates the heart chakra and helps to select and maintain the highest values. The ruby is a proof of strong love and loyalty. I don't just understand this in terms of love between two people. But also in relation to yourself or to a thing, to a mission. For me, the ruby primarily represents loyalty to light, to truth. The ruby is said to have a magical inversion function. With the help of Rubin it can be achieved that fellow human beings and life partners are just as honest with us as we are with them. The energy of the ruby is intense and lively. It is said that the ruby will illuminate the darkness of life and give birth to a spark of light that will make its way through the body and mind, defeating the darkness on all levels. His energy should also make reserved, cautious people more spontaneous and cheeky. It can help to change your own world by expanding creativity and promoting awareness. In addition, ruby is an excellent protective stone that protects all levels and protects the consciousness from psychological attacks and envy. Ruby stimulates the loving, emotional side to open up to spiritual wisdom, health, knowledge and wealth. Those who own a piece of ruby will never lose their wealth. The ruby also encourages us to follow luck. On a physical level, it helps with a fever or when placed on the crown of the head for headaches and removes toxins from the body more quickly.