Rose quartz - harmonization

Rose quartz has a soft, silky energy that conveys gentleness inside and outside the user, as well as bringing peace and tranquility to relationships and places. Its calm, cooling energy can imperceptibly remove negativity and dysharmonics. Especially negative emotions due to"hurt"feelings by bringing the loving, gentle powers of self-love to bear again. It ensures calm and clarity in emotions as well as harmony in the mind, especially after chaotic or crisis situations. Rose quartz is able to bring the mind into harmony with the energy of love and promotes the beauty of art, music and the written word. Rose quartz is able to put every chakra into the correct energetic oscillation or to supply it with the correct oscillation energy so that it comes into equilibrium. This makes it particularly suitable to heal conditions whose main cause can be traced back to the astral body. Its main effect is balancing. It balances the heart's activity, has a soothing effect on burns, can dissolve stress, clears fluids in the cells and promotes the elimination of toxins. Even when you are dizzy, it brings balance, just to name a few of its functions.