Pink Andean Opal - Cordiality

The pink Andean opal is a"stone of renewal"which renews the sacred bond between the self and creation and all of its manifestations. It offers orientation aids on the journey through life and strengthens the connection between the conscious self and inner knowledge. It causes us to break away from old, no longer adequate thought and behavior patterns. He brings us deep insights into psychological issues, clears the mind and purifies the heart. It is also called the stone of spiritual awakening. Because it brings us close to the creative aspects of the universe so that we can refer to it when updating our potential. It mobilizes the mechanisms of inner healing on the emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical level. It enables us to enter a meditative state more easily and to maintain it over a longer period of time. It promotes the conscious connection to beings from other spheres and with other forms of existence. The pink Andean opal promotes real love and should help to recognize false love. Michael Gienger said:An Andean opal pink gem stands for warmth. Pink Andean opal gemstones help dissolve inhibitions, shame and shyness. A pink opal gemstone promotes sentience and affection. These gemstones make you friendly and open-minded in thinking and acting. Physically, the Andean Opal pink gemstone supports the heart, especially when worried about the heart.