Rolling Thunder on Illness and Cure

Nothing is free, everything has its price. I'm interested in how you can deal with things like that. Every illness and every pain has its origin, and that is usually the price one has to pay for something either in the past or in the future. The most important thing is to recognize the connections. Modern doctors (in part *) do not seem to understand this. It is the task of the medicine man to gain insight into these relationships. We know that everything is the result of the One and the cause of something new, that is, a continuing chain of events. One cannot simply withdraw from this whole chain. Sometimes illness or pain has to arise in order to pay the best possible price for something. If you just get rid of the disease, the price will go up. The person concerned may not recognize this himself, but his or her spiritual ego knows about it. This is also the reason why we deal with a case for three days before we take it over, and why we sometimes refuse to take it over..

Physical ailments can have all sorts of causes, good and bad as we would say, but they all start at the spiritual level. An infection can also be described as a spiritual defilement. What goes on in the body is not essential, so the ability to heal requires more than just knowing about the body. When the modern doctor treats a disease, he (some of it *) only sees the disease and not the person. So if the doctor does not really see what is going on in his patient, where the real problem lies, if he then prescribes pain relieving medication for the patient or simply cuts away a diseased organ or limb and throws it in the trash, then that is just wasted effort certainly has nothing to do with healing.

Every matter within nature is at the same time a spiritual being in a spiritual nature. Therefore, these things can also be used as spiritual helpers. There are ways to find this help and understand how they are composed, and not just in terms of their chemical composition. For example, I can pick up a particular plant, even one that I have never seen before, and understand its essence, its external and internal composition.

* Note: We do not understand the statement as a devaluation of modern medicine!