Cleaning & charging

Cleaning and washing

(gross purification)

All stones that have been worn, especially jewelry, should be cleaned regularly and washed if necessary. When it comes into contact with sweat and sebum, deposits form, especially on jewelry or on porous stones. The surface can also change chemically (e.g. through sweat, oxygen or air humidity) or the stone can become dull and matt because its surface treatment to improve its gloss or its transparency has been lost. Due to these changes, a stone does not lose its healing properties, but because we may like the stone less, it is also less noticed, worn or used and this also influences its effectiveness on us.

Every healing stone should be cleaned and washed very thoroughly in the following cases:

Before using newly purchased stones for the first time.

  • If the stones show significant contamination or superficial changes.
  • If you have worn the stones on your body for a long time or they have been used for healing work.
  • If you have borrowed stones or have been used by other people in the event of illness.

It is best to wash the stone thoroughly and, if necessary, brush it mechanically until the stone is clean. During this procedure, however, it is essential to pay attention to the sensitivity of the stone. Brittle, porous or filigree minerals should of course be cleaned carefully (possibly only with a brush) and water-soluble stones should of course neither be washed nor kept under water.

Unloading stones

Stones can absorb and even store energy, so they can be charged. If you hold them in your hands or wear them on your body, they become warm. They even get hot when they're in the sun. Part of this information, which we can perceive or feel as invisible ballast, is connected to this absorbed energy. For example, if we wear a stone when we are sick, it heats up quickly and sometimes even becomes as hot as if it had been in the sun. This energy, which is now clearly noticeable, also stores information about illness such as: physical feelings (pain, symptoms of illness), moods (unhappiness, grief, etc.) but also thoughts (worries, thoughts about illness or recovery) can be connected to this absorbed energy . Even if we do not use the stones or wear them, they still take in information from their immediate environment. Carelessness, negligence, and disregard are just as much information as mindfulness, care, or admiration.erung.

Therefore, and in order to get rid of this energy and the associated information, we should discharge the stones regularly. In my opinion, running water is the best way to unload the stones. Water can absorb energy (heat, static charge, etc.) and information very well and let it flow away again. If we hold a stone under running water, most of the previously recorded external information disappears, it literally dissolves. To do this, you have to hold the stone under running water for at least one minute and rub the surface vigorously with your fingers (if possible). At first this will often feel soapy but gradually the resistance will become noticeably greater and the fingers will be slowed down more and more on the surface. This is then a sign that the stone is now discharged.t.

Important information about unloading

Application: Before using a stone for the first time and always after putting it down or if you feel necessary!!

Duration: At least one minute under running (lukewarm or cold) water.

Unsuitable: for sensitive mineral levels, water-soluble stones and for stone chains.

Note on stone chains

Stone chains should only be cleaned or unloaded with a damp cloth so that the threads do not suffer or tear. To do this, the chain is carefully pulled through a damp cloth several times. This unloads the stones. The cloth should then be washed out and the hands thoroughly rinsed under running water, otherwise there is a risk that we ourselves will absorb the discharged energy.

Cleansing adhering information

(subtle cleansing)

If we really want to completely detach and erase the information attached to the stones, we have to subject the stones to a deep, subtle cleansing. During such a deep cleansing, an escape of a (neutral) energy or a feeling of complete liberation is usually perceived. This is an indication that a thorough cleaning has actually taken place. There are several methods for doing thishe «Subtle cleaning such as cleaning on amethyst, cleaning in salt, cleaning in sunlight, cleaning through smoking, cleaning through vibration (e.g. tones, singing bowls) or cleaning through cleansing rituals.. You have to decide for yourself which method you want to use. At this point, however, I would like to go into more detail about two methods.

Purification on amethyst

Amethyst, which is caused by the influence of radioactive radiation during its formation, to which it also owes its violet color, can initiate processes of dissolution and liberation. Amethyst stops clinging and frees us from everything clinging to ourselves (when we cling too tightly to something) and everything that clings to us too tightly. He supports us so that we can free ourselves from all attachments. In this way he helps us to free us from grief and grief and to find inner peace. Or he supports us when we want to break away from addictions and desires in order to become free and self-determined again. Amethyst has the same effect on animals (solving traumatic experiences), plants (driving away pests) and stones. Precisely this information (stop clinging and free yourself from everything clinging) of the amethyst causes stones of all kinds to be freed from foreign information clinging to them. Since he is able to dissolve everything that is clinging, it doesn’t matter which foreign information or which stone it is.elt.

To clean on amethyst, the stones to be cleaned are simply placed in an amethyst druse or in a piece of amethyst druse. The energy with the aforementioned cleaning information radiates from the crystal tips, penetrates the stones lying on them and thus dissolves all foreign information. If the stones to be cleaned have previously been unloaded under running water, two to three hours are enough. If they could not be discharged before, at least eight to twelve hours are necessary to clean them. In both cases it can be longer because it doesn't do any harm.t.

Important information about cleaning on amethyst:

  • Application: Before using a stone for the first time and always after it has been put down or if you feel necessary!!
  • Duration: Two to three hours after previous unloading, otherwise eight to twelve hours, but may be longer.
  • Suitable: for all stones except amber (see below)

Purification in salt

Salt is known in all cultures and at all times for its cleansing and purifying properties. It has been used for thousands of years to ward off negative influences, avert discord and heal diseases. It is even said to protect against magical attacks and was used after magical rituals to cleanse oneself energetically. All of this is nothing other than the liberation from clinging information (see above). This property of the salt results from the fact that it is created through a long cleaning and refining process. Because it is also a cubic mineral, it has the crystal structure of the highest order and also has a balanced composition (acid and base combine in the salt in an exactly 1: 1 ratio). Thanks to all these factors, the cleaning effect of salt is even more profound and faster than that of amethyst. The information of the salt is therefore: Purify and purify yourself!ch!»

To clean the stones with salt, they are placed in dry crystal salt, rock salt or sea salt. Much more is not necessary because the information from the salt has a pervasive effect. The stones are completely cleaned after just one to two hours. The stones should not be left in the salt for more than three to four hours, otherwise they will be energetically depleted. Please pay attention to this and set the alarm clock if necessary. Since with some stones direct contact with salt can lead to dulling of the surface or to drying out (be careful with opal), the stones can be placed in small glass bowls to be on the safe side, which in turn are embedded in larger bowls with the salt. This in no way affects the cleaning effect of the salt, as it easily penetrates the glass. However, a white cloth can also be placed over the salt bowl and the stones bedded on it. Here, too, the cleaning effect is unchanged. Cleaning with salt is always recommended if there is very stubborn external information that cannot be resolved and deleted with the other methods. So far, only amber has proven to be resistant to cleaning with salt (see below).).

Important information about cleaning with salt:

  • Application: For stuck information (if other methods are not effective).
  • Duration: One to two, at most three to four hours!
  • Suitable: for all stones except amber (see below). As a precaution, however, the stones should be protected from direct contact with salt with glass bowls or cloths (see above).

Note on amber

Amber is a fossil resin. Information is anchored more firmly in its organic substance than in the other mineral stones. Therefore, interestingly, amethyst and salt do not do much good, incense and singing bowls a little more, but not completely effective. The light of the midday sun works best with amber, but sometimes this has to work again and again over a long period of time until a thorough cleansing has taken place. Amber is therefore best unloaded under running water once a day for several days and then placed in the midday sun. In this way, foreign information can also be largely removed from amber. (Michael Gienger)

References & more detailed information can be found in the booklet Cleaning, Charging, Protecting by Michael Gienger.n.