Picasso marble - perseverance

Picasso marble is a type of marble that emerged from the metamorphosis of limestone and occurs as a coarse to medium-grain stone made from recrystallized dolomite or calcite. The color spectrum includes a combination of black, rust red, light brown, yellow and white.

In addition to the properties and uses listed above in the section on marble, Picasso marble can contribute to the further development of creative talent and the success of artistic endeavors.

The Picasso marble helps the wearer to persevere and not let up. At the same time, he also realizes the importance of the destiny that he has chosen for himself. The stone allows the soul of the wearer to penetrate with the light of beings from other worlds. He pulls galactically created energies from the other worlds down to the earth plane.

These energies facilitate the transformation of intuition into intellectual thoughts, which enables the wearer to implement the instructions received. Changes are now easier, you have more strength and stamina. It has long been known that Picasso marble affects the subconscious. The wearer proceeds more intuitively when the subconscious sends him encrypted messages, and also applies these in the physical world. In many cases, the Picasso marble helps to organize the inner thoughts. Disturbing thoughts are driven away, passions are switched off, what remains is a feeling of peace and unshakable calm..

The Picasso marble stimulates the circulation, reduces feelings of anxiety and stress, supports digestion and metabolism and has a regulating influence on the body. Picasso marble is also used for the treatment of carpal tunnel syndromes, for creeping poisoning of cells and organs and for weight control.

Zodiac Sagittarius

Number of vibrations: 3

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