Petalit - Spiritual Protection

The light pink petalite is also known as the"angel stone"and is used in medicine wheel rituals to create a safe environment for spiritual contact. He ensures calm and serenity as well as protection and vigilance when it comes to attuning to the transcendental world. His high spiritual energy can give both fearlessness and protection on the spiritual plane and from the etheric plane. The meditation is improved and stabilized, the establishment of spiritual contact is facilitated, and apart from sensual perception such as clairvoyance and telepathy are stimulated. The petalite can lead positive properties of energy vortices to where the stone is placed in the room and provides it with constant energy. If Petalit is worn on the body, it activates all energy centers and also serves as a constant source of energy there. On a physical level, it increases the suppleness of the skeleton and muscles. It also has cleansing properties of the intestines and lungs.