Orgonite Facts - Myths Uncovered

A text from my friend Sharon Daphna from California ... and I share these experiences and views (the translation is not the most perfect;))

Most people have never heard of orgonite, let alone orgone energy, the life force energy discovered by Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s.

More and more people are becoming aware of orgonite, an invention based on Reich's research that is used to neutralize EMF and clear the skies of air pollution, especially chemtrails. However, among those who have heard of orgonite, it is largely misunderstood how it works. Most of the time, the reaction to hearing about orgonite is that it's just a bunch of unscientific, modern day, hippie nonsense. This is an understandable reaction as it was also my first thought when I began researching chemtrail solutions in 2013. When I searched YouTube for videos about "how to stop chemtrails", the first thing that came up was orgonite.

But when I saw what orgonite looked like, I immediately thought there was no way that a little lump of resin, metal, and crystals could do anything about something as terrible as geoengineering. Adding to the disbelief was the fact that I couldn't find a competent explanation online for how it worked. Eventually I saw a video related to the work of Ken Rohla, an electrical engineer explaining the science of scalar energy, the physical term for orgone energy. After getting the scientific explanation, I tried making orgonite and watched the amazing results, not just in the sky but in my own life. It was then that I realized how important orgonite is for everyone and everything that lives on earth.

Since I first heard of orgonite in 2013, finally made it myself in 2014 and to this day have distributed thousands of orgonite towerbusters into the environment, I have learned more and more about how deep the (deliberate) misinformation about orgone energy goes . The campaign of repression is everywhere and often where you least expect it. A little bit of disinformation can keep you from trying it out and from feeling the great benefits in your life. So let's dispel some of these orgonite myths that have hampered mainstream acceptance of orgonite and orgone energy for too long.

Myth 1: If you have a piece of orgonite, you won't see chemtrails over your house

Orgonite is an energy device that constantly supplies orgone energy to purify the atmosphere and neutralize deadly energy. This does not prevent the laying of chemtrails. The orgone energy drives toxins from the earth through a "scalar wave vortex", the same orgone energy field found on mountain tops and on the tops of pyramids. Chemtrails break up in this healthy energy field, and funnel-shaped and even rounded lenticular clouds often arise because the vortex is spiral-shaped. You can't expect a completely blue sky when there are two sides to an energetic war up there. However, one can observe how orgone energy helps to cleanse the pollution and enjoy the liberating feeling that chemtrails are no longer a threat.

Myth 2: Orgonite blocks EMFs, ELFs, etc.

Orgonite is a generator of orgone energy that restructures the chaotic waveform of EMF. It calms the wave and makes it more coherent so that it goes through the body more gently and with less disruption to the body's natural energy field. The EMF is neutralized but still there, which is why cell phones and WiFi are still working and why EMF meters may or may not show a significant change in the presence of orgonite.

(Comment from Fabienne: I have often seen cell phone calls being disrupted for a brief moment when I pick up one of my orgone objects. If you interrupt the conversation and make another call, reception is again undisturbed.)

However, a metal box can block EMF completely, and it can also be attenuated with a Farady cage around the emitter in question. The cage does not block 100% of the EMF, but absorbs it into the metallic cage material and thus significantly reduces the load. Turning off cell phones and other wireless devices is the most effective way to remove EMF from your surroundings.

(Note from Fabienne: Or a cell phone case made of shielding fabric, shielding paint for the house, etc.)

Myth 3: Funnel-shaped clouds in the sky are not chemtrail material, they are air spirits called sylphs that are attracted to orgonite and devour the pollution.

I feel like this myth discrediting itself without my having to say anything. People who are deadly afraid of chemtrails (people who don't know orgonite) often look at funnel-shaped clouds with fear. Mystical people can see them as angels or ghosts. While these shapes can look angelic or terrifying depending on how you perceive them, they are simply a great sign that a vortex of the scalar wave is removing particle pollution from the earth.

Myth 4: Aluminum cannot be used in orgonite

Aluminum is pretty standard in tactical orgonite, such as Towerbuster. It's light and inexpensive, so it's a great material if you plan to cover a large area. You can use any type of metal in orgonite, including aluminum, iron, brass, copper, steel, and more, as long as the chips are fine and abundant. Many people have a stigma against aluminum because it shouldn't be ingested and because aluminum is believed to be a part of chemtrails. Fortunately, you won't be eating your orgonite. Georg Ritschl from Orgonise Africa and we on Team Chembow swear by aluminum TBs, and we have both documented great results in cleaning our surroundings with them. The idea that aluminum can block orgone energy can apply to large pieces of aluminum in orgonite, but you don't want large pieces of any metal in orgonite, just fine chips.

Myth 5: The copper coil needs to be wound clockwise.

Copper coils aren't even necessary for orgonite to function. Many people don't use them at all. According to Dowin Gardner, author of The Science of Rain, a copper coil increases the orgonite's "electromomentum". They help increase negative ions in the atmosphere, which clean the air and promote hydrogen bonding of water molecules for healthy clouds. Copper coils can be wound clockwise or counterclockwise with the same effect.

Myth 6: Orgonite can go bad from ingesting negative energy and will eventually need to be thrown away or destroyed

Orgonite is a constantly functioning free energy device that will work as long as it exists. We have revisited places that have received gifts over the years and based on the healthy atmosphere, lush plant growth, happy people and birds on cell towers, we can see that the orgonite is still working. Birds just sit on a cell phone tower that has been given a piece of orgonite because its deadly energy has been neutralized. Orgonite does not absorb DOR (lethal radiation like EMF). It simply transfers OR (orgone) into the atmosphere, restructuring the DOR, rendering it useless for weather manipulation and mind control.

Myth 7: The government can "pulse" orgonite and make it inactive

Orgonite cannot be "turned off". In an environment that contains a piece of orgonite, when adding additional EMF emitters it may be necessary to use more orgonite in order to continue enjoying a clean atmosphere. The worst thing "they" can do is add DOR sources, but it's up to us to get rid of smartphone search technology if we ever want to see an end. For now, any orgonite introduced into the environment will continue to function. The government does not have the technology to deactivate orgonite, nor does the technology exist. Orgone energy is the highest form of defense and the most powerful energy in the universe. We just have to increase it on earth.

Myth 8: Orgonite converts negative orgone energy into positive orgone energy

There is no such thing as negative or positive orgone energy. Wilhelm Reich's term DOR, or deadly orgone radiation, is unfortunately a bit confusing. He used it to describe immobilized life force or stagnant energy. DOR simply means the opposite of OR, or orgone energy, which is always positive and life-giving. We use the term DOR to describe any type of lethal radiation, including EMF and nuclear radiation. "POR" or "positive orgone radiation" is not part of Reich's scientific terminology and does not appear anywhere in his books.

Myth 9: Orgonite must be grounded or it can transfer deadly energy to you

It is not necessary to ground orgonite. It works well on a tabletop, under your pillow, in the ocean, underground, or anywhere on earth. Orgonite never transmits anything other than life energy.

Myth 10: There are specific dimensions for orgonite based on sacred geometry

The function of orgonite is based on the combination of ingredients and not on the shape of the device. Pyramids work great, but so do puck-shaped towerbusters. As long as the orgonite contains a good amount of fine metal filings, quartz crystals, and an optional copper coil in a medium of catalyzing resin, it will function properly.

Myth 11: Orgonite can be dangerous if not processed properly

The worst that orgonite can be is ineffective. It's never dangerous. It's an extremely simple device with an amazingly powerful feature. Anyone can make it.

Comment by Fabienne: In most cases this statement is correct. But: In my experience there are orgone objects that emit a very dark, negative energy. Crystals "store" information in a similar way to water and absorb energy from the environment. If an orgonite is produced in a very negatively charged place, the energy of which the crystal has absorbed, or by a negatively charged person, this can definitely have "harmful" effects.

Myth 12: Chembusters, or orgonite cloudbusters, can cause catastrophic weather and should not be used

While Wilhelm Reich's Cloudbuster could only be operated by a professional for a short time because of its extreme effects on weather recovery, the Orgonite Cloudbuster (Chembuster), the invention of which Don Croft is attributed, is much less powerful and can be used by anyone. The orgonite cloudbuster still does a great job of balancing out the weather over a considerable distance, albeit in a slower but more natural way. The chembuster is therefore not a cloudbuster as used by Wilhelm Reich, but a very large orgonite that is always useful and never harmful.

Myth 13: When making orgonite, it's better to use an environmentally friendly medium like plaster of paris or beeswax than polyester or epoxy resin

A catalyzing resin is required to make high performing orgonite. You can make appliances for your home using other materials, but the effect is about as strong as what the crystals would produce without being placed in a plaster of paris or beeswax appliance. In order to activate the piezoelectric properties of quartz, the crystals must be pressed against the resin while it hardens through the chemical reaction of catalysis. Orgonite needs to be powerful and durable in order to survive in the environment and break down the dark control web. This is no time to worry about minutiae like using small amounts of petroleum to make major environmental cleanups. There is no need to demonize materials from the earth that some companies are irresponsibly using if we can use them forever.

Comment by Fabienne: As soon as epoxy resin has hardened, it poses no danger to nature, animals or humans! In contrast to drugs and other chemicals. But here of course there is a target for the other side to attack. The greatest environmental catastrophe of our time are and will remain chemtrails and electrosmog and not what the mainstream leads us to believe!

Myth 14: Orgonites make some people feel bad or uncomfortable.

Even if this may be true, it is not the person who does not like the effect. It is the "parasite" that has attached itself etherically to the person who does not like it. When you have an intestinal parasite, you will crave the foods they want, not what is actually good for you. People who are under severe mind control and are dependent on DOR (such as heavy smartphone users) often cannot handle orgone energy. It is contrary to what they are used to. They have ethereal parasites that enjoy a banquet of their negative emotions every day, and these "parasites" get angry when their food source is depleted so they can take it out as an ethereal attack on humans. It is actually this attack that is uncomfortable for humans, but it can misinterpret orgonite as the cause of the problem. This is similar to detox and temporary illness as the toxins are released from the body. It is not the detox supplement, but the releasing toxins that create the unpleasant and temporary effect.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I cannot imagine life without orgonite to protect myself from deadly energies, ensure healthy rainy seasons, keep the air clean and improve my own health and life energy in general. It is my sincere hope that after reading this article, you will try a piece of properly made orgonite, or even make your own. Easy to follow tutorials on how to make orgonites are available at, as well as everything you need to know about how they work and how our environment has taken a total turn since we started donating orgonite in 2014.

There's no reason to feel helpless or depressed when the geoengineering and EMF solution, including the 5G network that everyone is so scared of, is here with us now! Given the campaign to suppress orgone energy that Wilhelm Reich has carried out since its discovery, it is not surprising that orgonite is also being suppressed by disinformation campaigns across the Internet. Anyone who has used orgonite and enjoyed its effects would never portray it as potentially dangerous, make it sound crazy and unscientific, and never try to prevent anyone from experiencing the life changing benefits of something so simple.

Share the love, give orgonite to nature, to people and to yourself