Obsidian - integrity

Obsidians help achieve integrity on a spiritual level. They allow you to recognize your own dark side in their true nature so that they become part of your own self again. Among the Indians in Mexico and Central America, obsidians were revered as important protective stones, which kept everything bad away from the body of their wearer. Snowflake obsidians are particularly old, powerful obsidians. The older an obsidian is, the more advanced is the crystal formation, which is then shown in the so-called snowflakes. The snowflake obsidian but also the mahogany obsidian, with its red-brown inclusions, are known to protect against energy thieves and to provide energetic protection. It is also known about obsidians that the shamans also use them as mirrors to travel to other worlds and levels of consciousness. In particular, the smoke obsidian, also known as Apache's tear, was used for this. This gives the ability to recognize coming situations and dangers and you can see into the future with it. Smoke obsidian or Apache tear strengthens intuition and transforms depression and fear of the future into optimism and joie de vivre. In addition, obsidians generally impart the ability to give more true love from the subconscious, to be more honest with oneself, and to gain more objective control over feelings and passions. Silver, gold and rainbow obsidians are stones of light - they symbolize protection, inner strength, the development of potentials and liberation from stuck situations. These obsidians protect against mental and physical dependence and addictions. The rainbow obsidian in particular can help people who are addicted to alcohol, nicotine, drugs or tablets to get rid of them. With the beauty and power of the rainbow inherent in the rainbow obsidian, it leads these people into a new future in which they feel that they are not alone. You can experience again that you get your power through nature, colors, life and love and the urge to take drugs is replaced and transformed to a higher level. Obsidians in general are known to help relieve blockages, anxiety and depression, as well as relieve trauma.n.