Malachite - a new beginning

Life runs in natural cycles. Malachite is a stone of transition, it helps to let go of the old and makes a new beginning possible. This affects both the body and the mind. On a physical level, it affects the cardiovascular system by increasing the supply of oxygen and blood circulation. It has purging and detoxifying properties and has a positive effect on the cycle, conception and childbirth by regulating hormone-related disorders (migraines, cramps, infertility ...). Malachite is assigned to the Celtic spring and fertility festival Beltaine and has always been used as one of the most important healing stones for women. Because of its detoxifying effect on the metabolism, it is also a good stone for rheumatism. Malachite gets processes going again and dissolves psychological blockages that show up in the body (cycle problems, lumbago, slipped discs, etc.). It supports people in realizing their dreams, tackling new challenges and strengthening their willingness to learn new things. It stands for new beginnings and growth. Malachite is assigned to the heart chakra, which it helps to gain strength and power. An important property in today's world where we are confronted with innumerable unnatural frequencies.