Magnesite - relaxation

Magnesite has a detoxifying effect (also on poisoned thoughts), dehydrating and stimulates the metabolism. It is an often underestimated but important protective stone in times when greed, resentment, competitive thinking etc. prevail. Magnesite brings you a lot of relaxation and balance. Rest in yourself! You don't need to prove to anyone what you can do or that you are good. Just be yourself and free yourself from all expectations. The thoughts of others are none of your business. It is yours and you are responsible for it. You are allowed to distance yourself from them. Magnesite is able to transform negative tension states which show up in nervousness, irritability and tension.

Magnesite is found in the form of masses, plate-like layers, fibers, granules and rarely as rhombohedral or prismatic, tabular and scalenohedral crystals. The color palette includes white, gray, yellow and brown varieties. Magnesite is often colored and used as an imitation turquoise.

This mineral allows thoughts and ideas to mature that have previously gone unnoticed. It encourages you to recognize, analyze and use the underlying driving force.

It supports visualization and stimulates the imagination and the development of dynamic, revolutionary ideas.

Magnesite appeals to the heart of silence: it brings inner peace during meditation and protects us from self-deception. It grounds the mind, contributes to the opening of the crown chakra and stimulates both passion and heartfelt love.

The magnesite contributes to cell cleansing. It supports the treatment of convulsions, bone and dental diseases, alleviates the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and reduces body odor. It strengthens and calms the heart and the arteries connected to it. It ensures optimal regulation of body temperature and helps with fever and chills.

Aries zodiac sign

Number of vibrations: 3

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