Lepidolite - change

The lepidolite is a"stone of transition and change". He opens the crown chakra and brings the chakras to bloom. With this we become aware of the subtle vibrations inside and outside of ourselves. The energy of the lepidolite causes energies that arise on a lower spiritual level to be transformed into energies of universal light, hope and acceptance. He guides us safely through the situations of change and promotes the restructuring and reorganization of old patterns of thought and behavior. He gently introduces changes and enables us to meet the new requirements associated with them. He also promotes the insight and the willingness to accept with a happy heart that we only separate from the physical world in order to enter the spiritual. Lepidolite is particularly interesting for use in orgonite but also as a mineral for room energization because it activates the production of life-sustaining, negative ions in our environment and reduces the energies of stress and depression. In addition, lepidolite is particularly suitable for creating energy fields that have a calming effect! And it has a positive effect on gardening and agricultural activities, as it balances energy flows and so that abundance arises and disharmonies are eliminated. Lepidolite can also indicate energy blockages on the body. The accumulation of energy is localized at the point where the body shows a slight resonance.