Lava (basalt) - thirst for action

Lava stone represents the connection between fire and earth. Lava gives you more drive and energy to finish things off. As a protective stone the lava stone stabilizes one's own energies and protects against physical and emotional damage.

Lava or basalt is a volcanic igneous rock that was created under extreme heat and formed from molten lava. It is gray to black.

In difficult times, he can give us the strength and solidarity we need. It can dissolve anger and provide understanding and guidance in situations where we need to get up again.

This stone can help us during times of change by providing stability. It also reduces the negative sides of our character so that we can find more positive behavior. It is best to charge it when there is a new moon or a full moon. It can be used to develop muscles and increase fertility.


Zodiac signs Taurus and Cancer

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