Larimar - security

Larimar has a very gentle, extremely calming, harmonizing energy. Above all, it promotes the ability to express emotional issues and communicate clearly. The stone is able to lead us out of deepest emotional and spiritual crises. It connects us with the feeling of ALL-ONE and with feelings of security, security and well-being. We are never alone, even if we feel that way. We experience feelings of being apart as real because we have cut ourselves off from the connection to the infinite wisdom and love of the highest source for generations and because of our belief in reason. Larimar (also called Atlantis stone) lets us feel this connection again. Larimar thus stimulates the self-healing powers. It helps with depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, stress syndromes, feelings of guilt, self-harming behavior and fears. Especially with fears and trauma associated with the (supposed) loss of people, integrity, trust, etc. On a physical level, it calms the nervous system and has a relaxing effect on cramps and not only helps the mother but also the child during delivery. when arriving. The surface structure of Larimar shows many small chambers that are all connected to one another. So we are also connected to everything that is! Immerse yourself in the sea of being!