Lapis Lazuli - Truth

Lapis-Lazuli invites us to stand up for ourselves and our convictions. Our soul wants to express itself freely, to sing its true destiny out into the world. Lapis-Lazuli strengthens the courage it takes to go your own, individual path. To stand up for your own truth, to no longer swallow what others tell us and no longer go down. In addition, it strengthens self-confidence and promotes the ability to make contacts, as well as the ability to distance oneself. This is also evident in its cleansing effect on the body. It supports the immune system by helping with fever and inflammation, and is particularly effective for complaints in the throat area (voice breakage, voice problems, swallowing difficulties, etc.). Its deep blue is reminiscent of the sky (it has always been called Himmelstein) and its golden pyrite inclusions symbolize the stars and the connection to the light of truth, which can be found everywhere, if you can only recognize it.