Labradorite - reflection

The labradorite is an extremely important stone in a time when we humans have forgotten what is really important in life. Exactly how the stone appears rather boring, matt and colorless at first glance and without the influence of light, life feels like for many. But that is the real illusion. Hidden behind the facade are magnificent colors, creativity and real life! It's all a matter of perspective! This is what the labradorite teaches us. It opens our eyes to our true identity, promotes intuition and mediality. Its colorful, changing play of colors and its presence in the room promotes creativity, enthusiasm, imagination and a wealth of ideas. It is our imagination and the childlike, playful ease with which we can create our own reality! Labradorite leads us back to our true origins, the original soul plan by bringing back hidden memories. He reminds us what the real values are in life. Thus, labradorite is also a good protective stone, which prevents us from losing the sense of the actual reality. He saves us from intellectual belief and materialism. Its ability to ward off negative influences (vibrations, energies, etc.) that can affect us over the phone is particularly worth mentioning. It makes sense to hold a Labradorite in your hands when making difficult phone calls or when calling from people who may not always be well-disposed towards you. On a physical level, labradorite relieves the sensation of cold, colds, rheumatism and gout. It has a calming effect and lowers blood pressure.