Kyanite - inner strength

Blue kyanite (thistle)

The name of the thistle (blue kyanite) is derived from the Greek dis (two) and sthenos (force) and translates as double hardness. It refers to the different hardnesses of this gemstone, which is different from one end to the other. Kyanite is one of the few minerals that never needs to be cleaned or clarified. The kyanite never becomes charged with negative vibrations or energies! Its calming, clearing energy can be used without restrictions and makes it one of the best stones for attuning to meditation. It can also be used for dream work, since forgotten dreams can be remembered again with its help. The kyanite is able to automatically and immediately align all chakras with one another. The kyanite has a particularly good effect on the throat and forehead chakra. It brings great calm and satisfaction, frees us from fear, frustration, stress and burdensome influences and makes us peaceful. It strengthens your own identity, improves concentration and enables you to enjoy your own life again. It allows us to think and act more sensibly and intuitively and thereby helps us to keep our nerves in chaotic situations and to react more decisively and calmly. The kyanite also has a positive effect on language development. It improves articulation and helps with learning new languages. I (Fabienne) also perceive the kyanite as the gateway to the stars. It creates a kind of energetic connection to the energies of other higher vibrating planets. It protects against negative influences and energies that actually do not belong on this earth.hören.

Green kyanite

With the support of green kyanite, we can recognize which things in our life are based on ourselves and which factors are not in our own hands. He lets us feel our own identity and work independently on the further realization of our plans.

Orange kyanite

Orange kyanite helps us to face our fears and disappointments. It is a crystal of emotional support especially when you are overwhelmed by feelings of sadness and / or despair. Orange kyanite carries a positive, uplifting and optimistic energy that lifts you up. It shows you your own strength, it makes you believe in yourself, it increases your self-esteem and your self-confidence. He will help you see the positive side in any situation. It reminds us to be grateful because in every experience, including those that we perceive to be bad, there is something to be thankful for. If you are constantly haunted by negative thoughts, orange kyanite might be just what you need to see that there is indeed a bright light at the end of each tunnel. The orange kyanite will also make you feel positive when you are in the midst of such negative people.