Individual healing orgonite or healing stone jewelry

For an individual orgonite or an individual piece of healing stone jewelry, I (Fabienne) need some information from you.

I prefer it when you send mee-mail the following information is provided:
  • For whom (possibly description of the person or just the first name)
  • The topic, the topics (if there is a specific one)
  • Which shape (chain, bracelet, pyramid, hexagonal pyramid, etc.)
  • If available, ideas about preferred stones, colors, etc.
  • Your maximum price limit (I'm rather generous and I'm definitely not taking advantage of this point! :))
After receiving your email, I'll get in touch with a few suggestions about what is possible and which stones I do not want to use or which I would like to use additionally. I use tensor and intuition to determine. We also set the price together here. Please note that at the end, in addition to the agreed price for the orgonite / the piece of jewelry, a flat rate of CHF 25.00 for the custom-made product plus the postage costs will be added. You only pay for all of this if you are satisfied with the result at the end!
In the next step I start to produce, you still have no obligation to buy! When the product is ready I will send you photos and you decide whether you want to buy it or not. If you don't like it, no problem, I'll try again or you can cancel the order :) The main thing is that you are happy with your individual orgonite or piece of jewelry in the end.
For each orgonite resp. A small description is also included with the jewelry.