Heilstein Lexicon

Our selection of healing stones and their energetic & spiritual effects

Here you can find our selection of important healing stones for today. The focus is on the description of effects and benefits in relation to the energetic and spiritual effects. I (Fabienne) concentrated on grasping the wisdom, the message, the characteristic, simply THE GENIUS in relation to the energetic aspects of a gemstone / crystal. I use my own intuition for individual descriptions, but also use various well-known sources. The two most used are: Melody - Handbook of Precious Stones and Crystals, the Metaphysical Powers of Precious Stones and Michael Gienger - Die Steinheilkunde . We have deliberately omitted a comprehensive description of geological aspects, origin, variants, etc. here, as these can be read in the works mentioned.

The healing stone lexicon is constantly being revised and expanded on this page. It does not purport to be exhaustive and primarily represents our personal view.