Spiritual healing

What is spiritual healing?

  • Spiritual healing is an offer for people seeking help, which is used at the same time as classical medicine, naturopathy and all other therapeutic offers and is not in competition with them.
  • Spiritual healing activates and reactivates the self-healing powers, promotes healing in a holistic sense, encourages and supports people in their perception and their personal responsibility.
  • Mental, spiritual healing treatments can be used for any kind of illness. These can be, for example, stress and related disorders, burnout, as well as mental and physical injuries. They can both complement other therapies and be practiced as a stand-alone treatment.
  • Neither anamnesis nor medical diagnoses are required for spiritual healing to be applied, and neither the type nor the severity of an illness are decisive for the outcome of a therapeutic treatment. However, a cure can neither be guaranteed nor ruled out.


… from the definition of mental / spiritual healingn“ 

Mental / spiritual healing is based on a holistic principle, i.e. includes physical, psychological, mental and spiritual levels. Mental / spiritual healing assumes that every single being represents an animated, complex system that is as energetic as it is natural and is permeated by a universal creative power.
Illnesses are understood as a disruption in this complex regulatory system controlled by consciousness and our free will and not as a detached, independent malfunction of our body. If energy flows are out of balance (disharmony), there can be a corresponding lack of energy or surpluses in certain areas. This in turn can be reflected in disorders of wellbeing and health. Through mental / spiritual healing, the flow of these energies can be normalized and harmonized again.
Mental / spiritual healing respects these complex natural processes and aims to bring disturbances and disharmonies of these energy flows back into balance and to correct them on all levels of existence. In other words: spiritual / spiritual healing aims to activate the self-healing powers by strengthening the life or bioenergy, to strengthen the immune system and thus to initiate and promote harmonization, recovery and healing in a holistic sense.
Mental / spiritual healing is to be understood as drawing from the universal / divine creative power. A healer sees people (animals, plants, etc.) in their physical, psychological, mental and cosmic wholeness and complexity. The consideration of every being in its mutually dependent unity of body, mind and soul is the basis of all spiritual healing methods. The focus is always on the person and not the disease.
In essential elements, spiritual / spiritual healing can be assigned to empirical medicine and thus to the healing art, which has been practiced in great variety at all times and in all cultures of mankind and is still practiced today; Mental / spiritual healing has close links with energy medicine.
The range of spiritual / spiritual healing methods and other energetic healing methods is large and it is not always possible to clearly differentiate spiritual, spiritual or energetic healing methods by definition, because on the one hand it is about different philosophical perspectives and on the other hand there are various overlaps and similarities in practice.
The transitions between spiritual / spiritual healers to natural healers and to areas of energy and vibration medicine are partly fluid. The palette ranges from the most diverse methods of laying on of hands, through prayers and rituals, to support through sounds, stones, colors or other things. It ranges from Christian anointing of the sick to shamanism. In addition, there is the extremely individual practice of each method: If spiritual / spiritual or energetic healing is based on a healing method-spanning and connecting ideological-philosophical foundation confirmed by experience, on the other hand the practice of each healing method is extremely individual and is practiced as an art form. Therefore the term spiritual healing art is also applicable.d.
Mental / spiritual healing is an offer for people seeking help, which is on an equal footing with traditional medicine and all holistic therapeutic offers and is not in competition with them. The task and goal is to practice healing in a holistic sense, to stimulate the self-healing powers as well as to encourage and support people in perceiving the self-responsible and self-determined shaping of their lives.
Mental / spiritual healing treatments can be used for any kind of illness or disorder, for stress symptoms and burnout, for physical and mental injuries. Mental / spiritual healing treatments can complement any other therapy or they can be practiced on their own.
Healing and recovery in a holistic sense can happen at any time and in any situation. Neither anamnesis nor diagnosis are required for spiritual healing methods to be used. The medically diagnosed type and severity of an illness is therefore not directly related to the result of the therapeutic treatment. However, a cure can neither be guaranteed nor ruled out.
Spiritual healing is inextricably linked with a spiritual, ethical approach to life. An inner human attitude, which is based on the belief in the existence of a universal creative power (God / the divine), a spiritual world and in the immortality of the soul.
The healer understands this universal / divine creative power as a source of healing power and not himself. Healers are a kind of mediator and transmitter of energies and information. Healers are initiators so that the patient can embark on a holistic healing process in which he himself is actively involved. As such a mediator and transmitter, the healer resonates, so to speak. The healer has the special task of developing himself further. Only what can vibrate in him can come to life on earth. This includes the whole variety of healing powers from the densest level (ethereal, magnetic healing) to the most subtle (universal love, healing from the divine). It is the universal / divine creative power that comes to life in the person seeking help and stimulates the self-healing powers through his soul / his higher self.
For the work of spiritual healing methods, the medically diagnosed type and severity of an illness is just as unnecessary as anamnesis or self-made diagnoses (including spiritual, energetic, karmic etc.).
The approach of the healer when applying a certain method (prayer healing, laying on of hands, shamanism, etc.) is essentially independent of the symptoms or illnesses with which the patient comes to the healer.
The choice of the method or the way of practicing the spiritual healing is only the individually applied way to connect with the spiritual world, to connect to the universal, divine creative power in order to activate the self-healing powers of the patient.
Spiritual healers assume that every being, every person is connected to this universal, divine power of creation or is connected to it and help the patient to become conscious and utilize it for himself.

Rituals such as meditation, hands folded in prayer, the use of aids such as beating a drum with a shaman, beating singing bowls, etc. serve to attune the healer and / or the patient to the healing process, the connection to the universal, divine creative power and can therefore be part of healing treatments.

Laying on of hands
The laying on of hands is one of the oldest of all healing methods. Evidence of this can already be found on cave drawings from the Stone Age and in ancient Egyptian writings. In early Christianity or ancient Greece, the laying on of hands was also one of the common and recognized healing methods.
The laying on of hands is one of the most primitive methods, and it seems almost instinctively familiar to most people. Anyone who sees how mothers or fathers deal with young children who have been injured can observe that they almost always automatically place their hands on the injured area.
Healers differentiate between different forms of the laying on of hands: Some healers transfer their own energy and vitality to the sick person when they are laid on. This laying on of hands, often referred to as magnetic, depletes the healer's energy. He only has to recharge himself after a treatment if he does not want to risk complete exhaustion and perhaps even illness.
Most hand lay-ons see themselves only as a channel for healing energies, which they pass on from a divine-creative source into the physical and / or subtle-matter body of the patient. For this form of laying on of hands the healer does not have to complete any complicated training (it is nevertheless advisable to be introduced to an already practicing and recognized healer or to complete a corresponding training). It is sufficient if he connects himself spiritually with the sick person with love and compassion, asks for the healing energy and then lets it flow through his hands directly into the body or into the aura of the sick person, without his own wishes or wishes.
For most people, however, it takes practice to create this state of inner emptiness from which the healing energy can flow in a completely pure way. However, if the healer can achieve and maintain this state, the healing energy flows better from treatment to treatment. At the same time, a healer who unselfishly only has the desire to help can be sure that his actions do not violate the cosmic order / laws. In this form, the treatment is like a prayer supported by the laying on of hands.
Whether the hands are placed directly on the body or just in the aura distinguishes the individual directions of the laying on of hands. The hands remain in the aura during the Therapeutic Touch, e.g. during Reiki they are placed in certain positions on the body and, in the tradition of Harry Edwards, directly on the body.
Each of the different directions has its merits and many hand lay-ons have several methods that they use as needed.
With some methods, so-called interference fields are searched for in the body and the healer tries to remedy them. Thorough training is essential for such deliberate forms of laying on of hands! The healer must acquire knowledge that enables him to use the healing energies responsibly.
All healing methods have in common that they are a spiritual path and the spiritual development of the healer is linked to the ability to heal. Dealing with oneself and dealing with spiritual questions as well as regular meditation enable the healer to gain access to ever higher and finer energies and thereby better guide the healing energy.
The laying on of hands is also not a method that is learned and then invariably practiced. It is a path to oneself that enables the healer to help others and to show them a possible way out of their illness.

NFSH The Healing Trust

The National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH The Healing Trust) was founded in Great Britain in 1954, has over 2,500 members worldwide and is religiously independent. In the UK, NFSH members are free to work and also have the opportunity to work as spiritual healers with doctors and in hospitals. In other countries, too, the support of spiritual healers is becoming more and more popular, desired and recognized by doctors, therapists and people in nursing professions. The NFSH course program is offered internationally and is comprehensive and well-founded. It offers serious training and further education in spiritual healing by experienced NFSH healers who have been thoroughly trained as tutors in this field.

Loretto is an NFSH certified healer and trained as a naturopath. It offers its services to those seeking help free of charge or on the basis of a voluntary donation.

Click here for the website of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers NFSH