How does Healing Orgone work

To understand how orgonite works one must first understand what orgone energy is.

What is orgone energy

At the time of the scientific discovery of this cosmic energy by Wilhelm Reich, its existence was already known in ancient cultures under other names such as Chi, Prana, Mana, Od or Nyfry.

All living and inanimate matter is charged with orgone energy and emits it. It is the medium for emotions and perceptions. Wilhelm Reich used orgone energy with great success for cancer treatment, air purification and drought control. Reich's research on the use of orgone energy was suppressed because of the great ability of this energy to improve human life and is still systematically denounced today. Reich himself was imprisoned during his lifetime and died under mysterious circumstances in an American prison.

These are the basic properties of orgone energy according to Wilhelm Reich:

  • Organic materials attract and hold orgone energy.
  • Non-organic metal materials attract them and then quickly repel them.
  • Orgone energy fills the whole room and is everywhere.
  • It is mass-free and is the original, cosmic energy.
  • It penetrates matter, but at different speeds.
  • It pulsates and is observable and measurable.
  • She has a strong affinity and attraction to / from the water.
  • It is absorbed naturally, e.g. through ingestion, breathing and through the skin.
Wilhelm Reich's discoveries were further developed by various people. The term orgonite was coined. Orgone objects are still built today based on his discoveries.

This is how orgone energy objects work

Orgone energy objects consist of resin, metals and quartz in their main components whose main function is to harmonize disharmonious wave energies. How does this workas

The organic crystals and minerals in the orgone energy objects attract chaotic, disharmonious but also harmonic energies and hold them. This is generally known about quartz crystals, as they can be used as a storage medium, similar to water. These energies are converted within the crystalline matrix of orgone energy objects by slightly shrinking the resin during the hardening process and thereby permanently pressing on the quartz crystal. This constant pressure creates the well-known piezoelectric effect in the crystal. In short, the quartz crystal endpoints are electrically polarized and the crystal is set in constant vibration. This creates harmonious and naturally structured waves of orgone energy, which radiate from the object into the environment. Orgone energy objects are basically generators of orgone energy, which restructure chaotic waveforms, such as those of EMFs and other disharmonious fields. Orgone energy calms these chaotic waves and makes them more balanced, whereby they can disrupt and harmonize our natural body's own energy field. This works for humans as well as animals and plants.zen.

Orgone energy objects are therefore powerful tools that can be used for protection and general well-being by creating a balancing and positively charged environment.