Fluorite - freedom

Fluorite is the stone for free development and unfolding in connection with the higher self. His energy is very powerful and stimulates us to shape life freely and self-determined. So it also protects against outside control and manipulation by making these parts aware, but at the same time helps to find your own individual place in the universe. Everyone is unique and by developing this uniqueness, each individual finds their place. Without having to fight for it! Fluorite has a clearing energy and is able to solve blockages due to suppressed feelings, traumatic experiences or other blockages, e.g. due to electrosmog. Fluorite brings the energy to flow freely. This also applies to its spiritual effect. With the support of Fluorit we can think beyond our limits! Because we are only held by the limits that we set ourselves. Narrow-mindedness and other restrictive thought and behavior patterns can disappear and new information and opportunities open up. Once the blockage has been resolved, fluorite gives you better comprehension and clear, fast and networked thinking. On a physical level, fluorite supports the regeneration of the skin and the mucous membranes (especially the respiratory tract). It also helps you to be more mobile (especially with inflammation of the joints). I would also like to mention the positive effects of fluorite on cerebral activity and the nervous system. In addition to the above properties, this makes it an important healing stone with regard to damage and effects of electromagnetic radiation. Its clearing, cooling energy is a blessing and you can literally feel how the energy can flow freely again. Fluorite lets you think clearly and freely again!