Epidote - self-conquest

Epidote promotes patience. Especially the patience with yourself. Epidot drives out self-critical attitudes, strengthens the powers of perception and interaction and complements our personal strengths. It can help one to resolve false self-images by showing the actual reality. He makes people aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Epidote leads us back to our own inner images. To where we really see ourselves and what we really are. Back to our roots where we can find the original images of a healthy and happy existence. In this way we find the strength for change and can overcome our false or suppressed selves in order to find new ways. Epidote is a stone of regeneration that helps to overcome serious illnesses or difficult life situations that are associated with grief, grief, self-pity and other negative emotions by lifting the emotions. It can help you admit weaknesses and not devalue yourself for mistakes you have made, as well as overcome setbacks.