The Rainbow Warriors - A Cree Prophecy


There was an old woman from the Cree tribe

that was called "Fire Eye". She prophesied one day that the greed of the white man Yo-ne-gis' would destroy the world. A time would come when the fish would die in the streams, the birds would fall from the sky, the waters would be black, the trees would be no more. Then humanity would face its end.n.


That would be the time when the keepers of the legends and myths, of the ancient rites and wisdom, have to let us heal. They are called the "fighters of the rainbow". and be the keys to survival. And on the day of awakening all people of all races will create a world of justice, peace, freedom and knowledge of the great spirit.


The fighters of the rainbow will proclaim this message and teach it to all peoples of the earth. You will teach them to live the "Way of the Great Spirit". They will tell everyone that the world has turned away from the Great Spirit today and that the earth is sick because of it.


The fighters of the rainbow will show all peoples that this "ancient being" the Great Spirit is full of love and understanding and shows them how they can make the earth beautiful again. The fighters will give the people principles and rules for the "right" way. These principles will be those of the ancient tribes. The fighters of the rainbow will teach people the ancient customs of togetherness, love and understanding. They will bring harmony between people in all areas of the world.n.


Like the ancient tribes, they will teach the peoples to pray with a love that flows like a spring river all the way to the ocean of life. People could feel joy again. They will be free from jealousy and love humanity as their brothers regardless of skin color, race, or religion. You will become one with all of humanity. Their hearts will be pure and radiate warmth, understanding, and respect for all of humanity, nature, and the Great Spirit. They will fill their hearts, minds, souls and actions with the purest thoughts. You will seek the beauty of the Master of Life - the Great Spirit.


Your children will be able to run around freely again and enjoy the treasures of nature and mother earth. Free from the fear of poisons caused by the Yo-ne-gi and their greedy practices. The rivers will be clear again, the forests rich and beautiful, the animals and birds will be there again. The powers of plants and animals will be respected again and the preservation of this beauty will be a matter of course. The brothers and sisters of the earth care for the poor, sick and helpless. This will also be a matter of course.


The leaders of the people are elected the old way. It is not who is in the right party or who speaks the loudest, knows most people or throws the most dirt, but whose actions speak the clearest language. Those who have shown their love, wisdom and courage and have shown that they work for the common good will be the Chiefs. They are selected for their quality, not for the money they make. Like the "old chiefs", they will know how to understand people with love and see that the young people are taught about their environment with love and wisdom. You will show them that miracles can be done to heal this earth from its diseases and restore health and beauty.


It will not be easy for the fighters of the rainbow. Scary mountains of disbelief have to be climbed and they will meet prejudice and hatred. You must be dedicated, unwavering, and strong in your heart. But you will also find willing hearts that will follow you on the road to bring Mother Earth back to her beauty.


The day will come. It can't be long now. On this day we will see that we owe our entire existence to those who have received the ancient knowledge and heritage of cultures. Those who have kept rituals, stories, legends and myths alive. With this knowledge we will come back into harmony with nature, mother earth and humanity. Knowing this, we will find the key to survival.


from: Njhau the rainbow warrior

They are there, all those who have the rainbow in them. They will remember what they are. ..... and thus the old prophecies begin to come true!

(Healing Horses)