Celestine - Inner Knowledge

The name means facing the sky. Celestine is particularly suitable for giving - as a symbol of love and respect. The Greeks also believed that the stone only unfolds its full effect when it is given to you by a friend.

The blue Celestine is suitable for all mental activities, especially to analyze real problems. In particular, it helps to see a problem, a situation or an idea in its entirety. Special mention should be made of its shielding and cleansing properties on the chakras and the aura, which through it are balanced, clear and pure. The Celestine can act as a ray of hope in gloomy days because it brings peace and harmony into life. He can transform pain and chaos into light and love. We can stop worrying, move about freely, and pursue intangibles with clear and contented minds. Celestine has an inner wisdom and has something to tell its user. The knowledge of the stone mostly helps in spiritual areas and serves our perfection. It is ideal for out of body travel and dream memory work, which is why I can only recommend a celestine in the bedroom or for meditation.