Citrine - hope

Citrine is one of the few stones that does not accumulate and store negative energy, but dissolves and transforms it. This both on the subtle and on the physical level. His energy helps us to have a balanced frame of mind and initiative. It activates, opens and charges the solar plexus chakra with energy, so that creativity and intelligent determination and the energy necessary for the physical body are directed towards us with the help of our personal power. The powerful energy of citrine stimulates our intuitive selves and promotes concentration and stamina, as well as the connection with higher intelligences. In addition, citrine can drive away our primal fears, creates a cozy optimism and leads to an inner radiance and a happy personality. Particularly noteworthy is its ability to cleanse the aura so that cloudy spots disappear. It stabilizes the emotions and drives away anger by shining into the"darkest corner"of our reality and making us"laugh out loud".