Charoit - serenity

Chaorit is one of my (Fabienne) favorite stones and one of the stones that I personally use very often (without Charoit this page wouldn't exist ...). In hard times, in which one tends to overwork completely with all the work, fulfillment of duties and worries and see no way out of the hamster wheel, he is a powerful helper. Chaorit is a dream stone. It activates the unconscious parts (the need of our soul to express itself freely), which show up in dreams, ideas and visions. These unconscious parts can also be implemented in earthly life with the help of Charoit. From my own experience I know about the extremely strong effects of Charoit. It relieves stress and protects against overwork. But it also gives you the toughness, courage and decision-making power you need to follow a chosen path consistently and with discipline. When I held a Charoit in my hand for the first time, I felt its extremely stabilizing and calming effect in connection with a clear focus on the essentials. I was so fascinated by the stone that I got it as a gift. After that I wore it every day and experienced how I became more relaxed and focused. In this state we are able to do mountains of work in a concentrated and focused manner much more efficiently, without unnecessary loss of energy and distraction. In addition, Charoit helps to free oneself from inner constraints (e.g. the conviction of having to meet the expectations of others) and to set boundaries. Charoite also has a calming effect on the nervous system on a purely physical level and can relieve cramps. It stabilizes the immune system, promotes the alkaline metabolism and thus counteracts hyperacidity caused by stress. Because of these effects, it is also a good protective stone against electrosmog and other factors that cause stress to our body.