Chalcedony blue - lightness

The blue chalcedony (Blue Lace) is enormously inspiring when used for inner attunement. Especially when the throat, heart, forehead or crown chakra is activated through it. His energy can then help to reach states of consciousness of the highest frequency, which enables the experience of high spiritual spaces. The chalcedony balances the energies of the body, mind and emotions. It gives the feeling of lightness, flying and movement. He opens the mind to new ideas and helps to implement them. As a sacred stone, it gave stability to tribal ceremonies among the Indians. It promotes the idea of the"community of all people"and is also referred to in other sources as the"speaker 's stone". Perhaps because his energy provides a clear channel, for example in the transmission of thoughts or in general communication. Blue chalcedony promotes contact with other people, animals and everything living. Verbal and non-verbal communication becomes easy and carefree. It promotes the balance between listening and speaking, receiving and sending, receiving and giving. It enables individuality and independence to be experienced within a community and to contribute one's own talents and abilities without neglecting or suppressing one's own needs.