Calcite development

Calcite is a real development accelerator! Especially people who have lost faith in a positive turn in life or small children benefit from calcite. It promotes resilience by providing the necessary energy to overcome obstacles and blockages. Calcite supports physical, psychological and spiritual development and stability. He is able to restart development processes that have stagnated for a long time. Depending on what the psychological cause of the blockage is or which area is to be strengthened, different calcites can be used. On a physical level, all calcites, which consist almost entirely of pure calcium, have a strengthening and stabilizing effect on the bones and tissue. They support growth, strengthen the intervertebral discs, support bone formation, and protect against bone diseases and bone loss. They also stabilize the immune system, strengthen the heart, relieve gastrointestinal complaints and stimulate the metabolism. Orange and lemon calcite: The Indians of Mexico believed that orange calcite can store enough sunlight to keep it glowing at night. They called it the burning stone and used it to protect against evil spirits. Indeed, it can save us from nightmares at night. Orange and yellow calcite give us joie de vivre, optimism and activate our willingness to move forward again in life. They also have a stimulating effect on mental development, improve memory and also keep older people mentally fit longer. Orange and lemon calcite strengthen the solar plexus and thus also self-esteem and self-confidence. Blue calcite: has a calming effect and strengthens steadfastness. It has a particular effect on the skin and mucous membranes. It helps with emotional demarcation, especially with children who are restless because they might miss something or who are highly sensitive. It affects the throat chakra and the entire throat area, which stands for self-expression, one's own spiritual determination. Pink Calcite (Manganocalcite): Has a particularly calming and strengthening effect on the heart, especially in the case of cardiac rhythm disorders when the heart energy cannot flow freely. It is also a good helper, especially for children who find it difficult to access their feelings. Pink calcite promotes empathy and compassion and is assigned to the heart chakra. Green calcite: Like pink calcite, it has a particularly strengthening effect on the heart. He fills it with hope and happiness. A good stone for children who have lost access to their own imagination and creativity. Green calcite is also assigned to the heart chakra. Honey calcite: Has a particularly stimulating effect on the metabolism, promotes food intake, strengthens the digestive processes, especially in the case of developmental blockages that show up in problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Honey calcite is assigned to the sacral and navel chakra.