Barite - liberation

Barite is a powerful stone against electrosmog. I (Fabienne) am admittedly a real barite fan! It creates a protective energy field around itself and its wearer. According to my perception, it breaks and diffuses harmful and dysharmonic rays. And rays that come from all directions. It is known that barite absorbs and neutralizes negative radiation. Just like shungite, it never becomes negatively charged and therefore does not have to be cleaned. Barite is also used in the nuclear power and radiation industries by adding it to concrete to absorb radiation. The advantage of barite is that, unlike precious jungle, it is available in larger quantities and occurs almost everywhere in the world. This also affects the price. Fluorite, quartz and tourmaline are often found together with it. Baryta also helps on a physical level. In particular against the consequences of heat and radiation damage. Barite has a high degree of detoxification and purification, so it has a positive effect on rheumatic complaints and supports the lymphatic flow. It is used for bacterial infections and fungal diseases. Baryta also has a very positive effect on memory and vitality, especially when performance declines and states of exhaustion due to oxidative stress. An extremely important companion nowadays, also in view of the possible consequences of 5G radiation on our health. In order to protect yourself effectively against the effects of EMFs, ELFs, etc., it is best to put barite in your room, apartment, office or house. It also makes sense to carry barite with you when you leave the house. The combination with strengthening crystals such as quartz or fluorite additionally supports the harmonizing effect.