What I pay attention to during manufacture

"I do this work out of pure joy and love for all living things! It is intended for all those who want to share in this joy and are able to recognize and appreciate true devotion"


Selection of healing crystals & gemstones

 When choosing the stones that I use for Healing Orgonite, I rely on the best quality.Contrary to the opinion for orgonite, only use leftovers that can otherwise no longer be used. 
Most of the time I buy stones which are also used in jewelry processing or stone healing. The origin of the stones is also important to me. Thanks to my ownHeilstein & crystal shops in Switzerland and good contacts to various sources of supply, I have a large number of precious stones and healing crystals. In my studio you can now find crystals and stones in a wide variety of colors and shapes, from raw to polished to rarities.

Basestones are found in practically all of my orgonites

Rock crystal
Shungite / noble jungite
Black tourmaline

Additional healing crystals & gemstones for Healing Orgons

In the production of Healing Orgone I also adhere to the layering and the relationship between organic and inorganic parts necessary for the function. So it should stay orgonite and keep the basic properties of orgonite. In addition to the basic protective function, however, luminous and healing enemerge. 
I therefore add different and selected healing stones to my healing orgonites, which are lovingly handcrafted, in order to supplement the basic properties of orgonite with healing energies.

Tactical orgonite with no frills

Tactical orgonite is simple, yet highly effective for a specific purpose. Namely to protect against electrosmog and chemtrails. Tactical orgonite basically gets by without any frills! Just metal filings, quartz and resin!

(I still always contain tourmaline, shungite & selenite)

Symbols used

Flower of Life - the prototype of all life

The original pattern of all life and symbol of infinity

The symbol of the "flower of life" has been known in many cultures for thousands of years. The probably oldest representation of the sign from 19 circles was found in the temple of Osiris of Abydos in Middle Egypt. "The flower of life" is a symbolic representation of the cosmic order, the cycle of life and perfect harmony. The universal and mathematical laws to be found in the intertwined circles such as the Pythagorean theorem, the Merkaba or the Kabbalah tree of life connect the "flower of life" with the sacred geometry of the Platonic solids. People have always used this sacred geometry as a symbol for infinity and as a symbol for the flow of all-pervasive energy from the highest source, in its purest and most original form. The geometry of the Flower of Life arranges disharmonious energies and brings back the original natural harmony and order. The flower of life acts as a balancing element and thus also as a strong protective symbol.

The symbol of the flower of life is often worn as a pendant and supports the dissolving of energetic blockages. The life energy can flow again undisturbed.

There are many possible uses for the Flower of Life:

 Hanging up, setting up etc. for room energization

To put under the bed

For meditation

For energizing food or water

To harmonize and strengthen the body's own energy field by wearing jewelry

I use it with all my orgone objects to harmonize disharmonious electromagnetic fields

Manufacturing process

The manufacturing process of an object usually begins with the preparation of the stones. I still crack a large part of the stones by hand, which is quite time-consuming and can only be done with certain stones. All stones are washed and charged in the spring water. Only then do they come to my studio. Often I don't have a concrete plan for what should happen. And I'll just start with the first shift. Then I intuitively pour one layer at a time. Between each shift there is at least one night in which the resin works and sets. A pyramid, for example, quickly consists of 4-8 layers! Most of the time I make two of the same pyramids with each other and not mass-produce. Even if I recreate the tried and tested, there are often only two at a time. The concentration of the thought flows as a topic. The joining of the gemstones & crystals is comparable to composing music or painting a picture. Each stone has its own tone, color and frequency and vibration. In the best case scenario, all tones and colors together result in a melodious, harmonious melody, a wonderful song / picture. As is well known, crystals and healing stones can store information and thought vibrations. That's why I never make orgone objects when I'm stressed or not feeling well. When I make orgonite, I am aware that I am bringing in my own energy and vibration. I see that as a great responsibility! My orgone art should bring people, animals and nature the best possible protection, love and healing.

Basic rules for making orgonite

The basic recipe for orgonite consists of resin, epoxy or polyester resin, metal shavings and quartz. The following must be observed:n:
  • The mixture should be roughly 50 resin and 50 metal filingsen
  • No matter what metal, all of them are usable
  • At least a piece of quartz is added to this mixture
The 50 resin to 50 metal mixture can be done by eye by volume not by weight.t.

Note on the resin

A catalyzing resin is required to make high performing orgonite. I've paid quite a bit of hard work when it comes to using resins. Polyester or epoxy resins are best suited for the production of orgonite. For tactical orgonite, it can also be a resin that does not harden crystal clear. I only use high quality epoxy resin for jewelry and my healing orgonites. In order to activate the piezoelectric properties of quartz, the crystals must be pressed against the resin while it hardens through the chemical reaction of catalysis. Orgonite must also be powerful and durable in order to survive in the environment and to break down the dark energetic control network. Nor, in my opinion, is there any need to demonize materials from the earth like petroleum etc. just because some companies use it irresponsibly if we use them foralways can use to achieve a comprehensive environmental improvement. As soon as epoxy resin has hardened, it poses no danger to nature! In contrast to drugs and other chemicals. But here of course there is a target for the other side to attack. The greatest environmental catastrophe of our time are and will remain chemtrails and electrosmog and not what the mainstream leads us to believe!


The following metals can be used: iron, inox, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, steel, silver, gold, etc. Most of the time, aluminum is used because it is the easiest to find and the cheapest. I usually use stainless steel, magnesium, zinc, brass, copper, bronze, but also aluminum. The shape, size and type of metal also have an impact on the energy of the orgonite. But the orgonite will definitely be functional..


Quartz are minerals that all have the same basic composition, namely silicon dioxide or silica SiO2. Quartz can be found in many places in nature. The best known quartz is probably the rock crystal. The quartz also includes amethyst, rose quartz, citrine and others. All of these types of quartz are ideal for making an orgonite..