Apatite - psychological strength

Blue apatite is wonderfully suitable for opening, strengthening and exploring the intuitive psychic abilities. It has a high level of vibration energy despite its calming charisma and thus helps to achieve a balanced psyche. This fact can be very helpful for getting ahead in life and when it comes to manifesting dreams. He also helps the psyche to a great extent to clarity, especially about what we really want to manifest. Apatit has already helped many people out of psychological crises. It promotes tolerance towards ourselves and other people by giving us the understanding and clarity we need to look at things honestly. The way they really are. Due to its high vibration, it also provides the necessary energy and determination to overcome displeasure, negative attitudes, listlessness and depression. Apatite draws our attention to the finer things in life and what works (or can work), not what doesn't. These skills also make it an important healing stone in support of mental illness.